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Programmatic EIR for Changes to Trail Use

Statewide Program Environmental Impact Report for Roads and Trails Change-in-Use

California State Parks has developed procedures for evaluating requests for changes in use of roads and trails that may originate from public user groups or park management. 

Changes in use can include adding or removing designated uses from existing roads or trails. California State Parks has prepared and filed with the Governor's Office of Planning and Research State Clearinghouse a Statewide Program Environmental Impact Report (PEIR) as a first-tier document to address the broad environmental effects that could be associated with changes-in-use.  These documents are available at the following links: 

Road and Trail Change-in-Use Evaluation Process
Draft Program Environmental Imapct Report
Volume 1 - Draft PEIR
Volume 2 - Appendices

Final Program Environmental Impact Report
Volume 1 - Final PEIR
Volume 2 - Appendices

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Findings of Fact
Mitigation Monitoring and Reporting Program
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