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Special Events

*Please do not flag routes unless you are a permitted event.

2018 Special Events Infomation


For more information about Special Events and or Permit Applications please contact:
Sue Fitch or Rhonda Craythorn , Folsom Lake Special Events Coordinators
501 El Dorado Street
Auburn, CA. 95603

(916) 823-4151 or (916) 823-4161 or

Special Event Permit applications should be submitted 45 days prior to the event date. Late fees will apply to any application received less than 45 days prior to the event date. Applications received less than 30 days prior to the event may be denied.

 Film Permits are arranged on an individual basis through the California Film Commission. For additional information please call (323)-860-2960


2018 Special Events Calendar

*This calendar is a tentative schedule of 2018 Special Events in the Auburn SRA.


Date Time Event Name Participants General Area Flagging Color
3/24/18 8am to 5pm Knickerbocker Canyon Trail Run 325 Auburn SRA  
4/7/18 6am to 8pm American River 50 Mile Endurance Run 500 Folsom SRA to Auburn SRA  
4/7/18  8am to 12pm Fools Gold Run 40  Cool/Olstead Loop  
4/20-21/18 5:30am to 7pm American River Classic 80 China Bar and Cool areas  
5/5/18 7:30am to 11:30am Dirty Secret Trail Run 900 Cool area  
5/18-20/18  noon 18th to pm 20th Tevis Family Fun Ride 100  Foresthill/Drivers Flat area  
5/27-28/18 8am to 3pm (both days) 3 Day Memorial Run 250 WST - Foresthill area and up to Auburn  
6/3/18 7am - 5pm Auburn Triathlon 500 China Bar/ Robie area  
6/9/18  7am to 5:30pm Auburn River Festival 250 Confuence to China Bar area  
6/10-11/18 3pm to 10am Cherokke Bar Campout 100 Cherokee Bar  
6/16/18 8am to 5pm Mammoth Bar Enduro 500 Confluence area/ Foresthill Divide Loop trails  
6/23-24/18  1pm to 11pm Western States 400  Western States Trail  
7/7/18 7am to Noon She Rocks the Trails 150 China Bar area  
7/22/18 6:45am to 1pm Blood, Sweat, and Beers 1000 China Bar/ Robie area  
7/28/18  5am to 1pm Pioneer Spirit 50 100 Cool/Western States Trail/No Hands/Auburn Overlook/Oregon Bar  
7/28-29/18   Tevis    Western States Trail  
8/4/18 6pm to Midnight Twilight Trail Adventure Run 200 China Bar area  
8/11-12/18 5am to 5pm (next day) Cool Moon Trail Run 100 Cool area  
9/2/18 8am to 5pm L'Etape California 1500 North to South Pleasant Avenue  
9/29/18  6am to 9pm Overlook Endurance Run 300  Western States Trail/Drivers Flat/Mammoth Bar/Auburn Overlook  
10/5-10/6/18 3pm to 3pm Coolest Ride & Tie 60 Cool Area  
10/7/18  6am to noon Heart of Cool Trail Run 500 Cool Area  
10/14/18 6am to 5pm Cool Mountain Bike Race 250 Cool Area  
11/2-3-4/18 5am to 11pm (next day) Rio Del Lago 100 Mile Endurance Run 350 Folsom Lake SRA to Auburn SRA, Confluence and Quarry areas  

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Special Events Application Form (California State Parks - Gold Fields District)

For questions or additional information contact Auburn State Recreation Area at (530)885-4527