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Celebrate Olympic History in Ed Z’berg Sugar Pine Point State Park

Celebrate Olympic History in Ed Z’berg Sugar Pine Point State Park

Fifty years ago, the land that is now Ed Z'berg Sugar Pine Point State Park was once host to the cross country ski events for the 1960 Olympic Winter Games held in Squaw Valley. The Hellman/Ehrman family, among other local landowners, supported the Olympics by generously granting the use of their properties for the Olympic Winter Games Cross-country ski venue.

Olympic History Buffs can come to see exhibits of the park’s Olympic experience and be reminded of the international goodwill that took place half a century ago.

Competitors raced over 35.4 miles of trail through the General and McKinney Creek areas. The men’s competition and the biathlon were located primarily in the General Creek area. The women’s competitions were held in the McKinney Creek area, a mile to the west. The stadium was located in between. Since all the facilities were temporary and were removed soon after the games ended, the land was restored back to its natural state.

To hold the games here, the land had to be modified according to race requirements established by the Federation Internationale de Ski (F.I.S.). The General Creek area was modified in 1958 and 1959 by the 6th Army, which built roads, erected target ranges and cleared the trails. They spanned General Creek with five log and cable bridges. Shacks for aid and timekeeping were placed every 5 kilometers along the trails to keep track of times and provide aid to skiers.  The shacks were linked with telephone cable.

Beyond the Olympic history, this winter getaway gives visitors a way to experience all the exciting aspects of winter including cold temperatures, snow and the still calmness and solitude of cross country skiing. The ski trail parking on the west side of Highway 89 and the day use area on the east side of Highway 89 remains open during the winter. Please contact the park regarding up to date snow, weather and road conditions. Visit Ed Z’berg Sugar Pine Point State Park