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You Can Help!

Follow the lead of California State Parks, and don’t let the scale and scope of climate change discourage you. Realize that you can meaningfully contribute to a solution by reducing your “carbon footprint.”

For Californians this is especially true, because our state’s prominence on the world stage and its reputation for innovation and trend-setting serve to “magnify” the effects of what we do. As Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger remarked at a United Nations climate conference, “the power of influence we have is equivalent to a continent.”

Energy conservation is extremely important, because so much of the production and use of energy releases large amounts of greenhouse gas.

Making wise consumer choices (buying energy-efficient products) and modifying your behavior (using public transit and recycling, for example) can save you considerable money while reducing carbon dioxide emissions by thousands of pounds per year.

As a climate-conscious citizen, you can also make a difference by becoming involved in public decision-making...and by actively supporting your state parks!

For more information, check out the Cool California website--and take action to keep the planet cool!