How do I make a reservation to car camp or group camp? 

Campsite reservations are handled by ReserveCalifornia at Henry W. Coe Campsite Reservations or by calling 1-800-444-7275.  You can reserve a specific site in the Coe Ranch Campground (drive-in), Manzanita Point Hike In Group Camps, Poverty Flat Hike in Group site, and 2 drive in horse camps.  To make a reservation you need to make a username account for free with ReserveCalifornia.  There is a partially refundable reservation fee of $7.50 per reservation.  For further details visit General Rules and Fees and Cancellation

What do I do if I have a camping reservation and the visitor center is closed?

The site you have reserved is set aside for you with a reservation sign at the site.  Go ahead and find your site and register the next day at the visitor center.  It is important to register that you are occupying your reserved campsite.  If you can't make it the first day of your 2 night reservation you are required to call us to hold your sight for night 2 or your site is forfeited.  For more detailed rules information refer to this page.  http://www.parks.ca.gov/default.asp?page_id=1029

How many people and vehicles are allowed at Drive in Campsites?

State park drive in style campsites allow up to 8 people per site at any time and can usually accommodate at least 2 cars.  When you occupy a campsite 1 vehicle is included in your camping fee per night, any additional vehicles at that site must pay an additional vehicle fee at the park per night the vehicle is at the site. 

Where can I park my additional vehicle if it can't fit at my campsite?

After paying your additional vehicle fee, you are welcome to park the vehicle in any available Day Use Parking spot.  You cannot park in an adjacent campsite even if it is unoccupied, you would have to pay the camping fee for that site if you park there.

When can I have a fire in the fire rings?

Wood or Charcoal campfires are only permitted when fire conditions allow it.  Fire conditions change throughout the year at the park and at any time fires can be banned with no advanced notice.  Prepare to be able to cook your food with a gas stove in case fires are banned.  Wood and Charcoal fires usually get banned from June to November.  

Why are vehicles restricted at the Manzanita Point Group Campsites?

Manzanita Point Rd. is a dirt ranch road that is not built or safe to allow unrestricted vehicle traffic.  The road is subject to weather closures and has many sharp blind turns on it where you can encounter other park visitors unexpectedly.  We appreciate your cooperation when you visit the park which helps all visitors to safely enjoy the park.

Do I need a permit to backpack at Henry W. Coe State Park? 

Camping permits are required.  Currently at Coe Ranch Visitor Center you can obtain permits inside as well as at the self registration station when the visitor center is closed.  At Hunting Hollow Entrance the permits are not yet available so fill out the Self Registration & Fee Payment form. 

Can I have a fire in the backcountry?

No.  Wood or charcoal fires are never allowed in the backcountry of Henry W. Coe State Park.  Campfires are allowed in fire rings at Coe Ranch Campground and Manzanita Point Campsite only.  You can use a gas stove to cook with in the backcountry and also when campfires are banned in fire rings. 

Where can I find water when I am in the backcountry?

Non-potable water is available throughout the park from ponds, creeks (when flowing), and springs.  Larger ponds have water all year, creeks dry out in summer typically, and some springs dry out late in the summer.  You can look at http://coepark.net/pineridgeassociation/planning-your-visit/water-resources to obtain the latest information on water availability. 

I want to have a special event at the park, how do I get permission to do that?

Many groups have utilized Henry W. Coe State Park for special gatherings and events utilizing our facilities and beautiful scenery.  Special events that use facilities, impact the park, have large groups of people, or are not usual park activites require a Special Event Permit.  You must contact park staff at least a month ahead of your potential event to give us time to assess your event and process the permit.  Fees vary depending on the amount of people and how many facilities are used at the park during your event and the duration of your event.  You are required to submit a $50 non-refundable fee with your filled out special event permit for us to consider your event.  Insurance coverage may be required for your event.  Please contact the park at (408) 779-2728 and a park staff person will contact you regarding your potential event.