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Giving A Redwood Tree "Green Gift" For The Holidays

California State Parks and Save The Redwoods League Partnered to Restore Forests

State Parks and Save The Redwoods League Partnered To Restore Forests

During the 2009 Holiday season, many considered giving a “green gift” that would last a lifetime. For a donation of $50 dollars to Save The Redwoods League, gift givers sent a tree seedling that was planted in honor of a friend or family member in a California State Park. Save The Redwoods League delivered a commemorative card featuring a photograph of an ancient redwood forest to a recipient to showcase the gift. All dedicated seedlings supported forest restoration efforts in California State Parks.

Save The Redwoods League and California State Parks partnered to lead a movement to restore the complexity, diversity and ecological values of the remaining young redwood forest stands throughout their natural range so that one day they can begin to resemble an ancient redwood forest again.

Steve Horvitz, superintendent of the North Coast Redwoods District for California State Parks, ensured that genetically similar trees are planted together so that the delicate redwood forest can be restored as naturally as possible. While redwood seedlings are the first types of seedlings to be planted in a given area, other tree species such as western hemlock, Sitka Spruce, red alder, Douglas-fir and big leaf maple will also be planted once that area has reached an optimal number of redwood seedlings to effectively restore the health and diversity of state park forests.

For more information, please visit the Save The Redwood League online at or send an email to