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Conservation Easements to State Parks

Public Resources Code Division 5, Chapter 1 § 5011.7 (d) (1) authorizes the Department of Parks and Recreation to “make grants to a state or local government agency or a nonprofit land trust organization to purchase and hold a conservation easement, using funds appropriated to the department through the annual Budget Act that have been authorized for encumbrance for either capital outlay or local assistance.”

Funding Not Yet Available
The conservation easement grants may be made through a competitive process, or as specified by the Legislature.  The application process and requirements set forth in this Application Guide is applicable to either competitive or specified grants.  As of July 1, 2009, Application Guide and Grant Administration Guide publication, the Budget Act or the Legislature has not made funds available for conservation easement grants pursuant to Public Resources Code Division 5, Chapter 1, § 5011.7


  Application Guide
  Grant Administration Guide

The policies in the Application Guide and the Grant Administration Guide adopted by Department of Parks and Recreation are subject to further revision pursuant to the Administrative Procedures Act – California Government Code §11340 et seq.

The Application Guide describes the requirements and processes that will be used to apply for conservation easement grants.   The Grant Administration Guide includes the grant contract provisions, payment requirements, and other administrative steps for grantees.  Both guides have been carefully designed for ease of use and feature clear, step-by-step instructions. 

As part of OGALS’ ongoing commitment to customer service, the office will provide technical assistance to prospective applicants when grant funds become available.