Submitting Your Application for Communications Operator

An Exam Bulletin posted at notifies the public when applications are being accepted for the Communications Operator examination. The filing period is generally done on an annual basis and is open for several weeks before the final filing date.

Submitting your Application

The first step in the selection/examination process is submitting your application for the Communications Operator Exam on a Standard State Application - Form 678. Your application is used to determine if you meet the minimum qualifications for the position and subsequently, to admit you into the next phases of the Selection Process (Written Exam, Background Investigation, Medical Evaluation). Keep in mind your application also conveys an impression of your overall strengths and weakness.

Application Tips

  1. Review the Exam Bulletin
    Before completing the application form, review the entire exam bulletin. Pay particular attention to the sections titled Minimum Qualifications, Position Description, Scope, Special Personal Characteristics, Additional Desirable Qualifications, and Special Physical Requirements.

  2. Review a Rough Draft of your Application
    When preparing a rough draft of the application, match your experience with the Position Description and the Scope by asking yourself the following questions:

    1. Does my application establish my qualifications in relation to the exam bulletin?
    2. Does my application adequately describe my experience and abilities?
    3. How can I improve upon what I have written?

    Consider showing your application to someone you trust. Ask if they think you have adequately described your qualifications and abilities.

    Do not attach a resume to the application. If necessary, you may attach an addendum to include additional employment experience. If you do so, use the same format for listing the experience as on the application form. This will ensure that all requested information is included.

  3. Complete your Final Application
    Online completion of your application followed by printing out a hard copy to either mail or hand-deliver is preferred. If you choose to download and handwrite the application, use black ink. The Department’s Exam Unit may receive over 1,000 applications for this exam. Reviewers will appreciate a clear, legible application.

    Review your application again. You have spent time and thought on the application process. Sometimes, little mistakes are missed. A significant number of applicants forget to sign and date their application. Be sure you sign and date your application. If you complete the application online, be sure to fill-in the blank for your social security number.

  4. Mailing and Delivering your Application
    Applications may be mailed or filed in-person at the address specified on the Exam Bulletin. The "open filing period" and "final filing date" will be stated on the Exam Bulletin. Applications will not be accepted if mailed or personally submitted before the opening date or after the final filing date. If you are in doubt about the dates for application submission, contact Personnel Services at (916) 653-9685. Candidates are encouraged to mail their applications by certified mail with return receipt service.

Before you mail your application, make a copy of it and keep the copy in a safe place.