Required Documents for Background Investigation

As part of the Background Investigation process, candidates are required to provide the documents listed below.  These documents are not returned to the candidate.  Because it takes time to acquire some of these documents, candidates are encouraged to begin obtaining them as soon as possible.

Birth Certificate - Birth certificate (an official, embossed copy) or copy of Naturalization papers  
- This will not be returned to you.

- For information on obtaining an official, embossed California birth record, contact the Department of Public Health for instructions at 916-445-2684 or and select "Certificates and Licenses." Processing a request can take 6-12 weeks.

- For information on obtaining a birth record from another state or for a Consular Report of Birth Abroad, go to, select Other Services and Information, select Obtain a Birth�, and then select either Obtain a U.S. Birth Certificate or Obtain a Consular Report of Birth Abroad.

Transcripts - Official sealed copies of all educational transcripts, including high school. 
- Include transcripts from all high school and post-high school educational institutions.

- If you have up-to-date, sealed transcripts in your possession, you may include them in your packet.  Unsealed transcripts and copies of transcripts are not accepted.

- If you did not graduate from high school, include a copy of your GED or high school equivalency documents.

Copies of the following:

 Driver's license and Social Security card
     - Duplicate these cards on separate pages.

 Proof of automobile insurance 
    - Must be a bond or Policy Declaration Statement showing the vehicles covered and insurance amounts. The "Proof of Insurance" card is not sufficient.

DD214 Undeleted Report of Separation ("long form")
     - If unable to locate your military discharge papers, go to When completing the SF-180, be sure to select Undeleted Report of Separation for the DD214.  Reservists can also use this form to request copies of service proof it they did not receive a DD214.

Proof of Selective Service registration/classification number  
     - Men born on or after 1/1/1960, may obtain a copy of their registration at  Click "Check a registration."  The National Archive and Records Administration has sole responsibility of ownership, storage and retrieval of SS records for men born before 1960.  Those requests should be mailed directly to:

National Archives & Records Administration
National Archives - St. Louis
P.O. Box 38757
St. Louis, MO 63138-0757

- Males born between 4/15/57 and 12/31/59 were not required to register.

Marriage certificate or domestic partner registration 
     - It does not have to be a certified copy.

     - Go to for information on getting marriage license copies.

     - Go to to request a Declaration of Domestic Partnership copy.

     - Provide copies of all marriage certificates or domestic partner registrations.

Marriage domestic partnership dissolution
- Provide copy of the final judgment.  The investigator may wish to inspect the full file.

- Provide copies of all marriage certificates or domestic partner dissolutions.

Spouse/domestic partner's death certificate
- Go to for information on getting a copy.  It does not have to be a certified copy.

Out-of-state Candidates:  copy of driving record and photograph  
- Contact your state's  Department of Motor Vehicles to obtain a copy of your driver's report.

Bankruptcy documents
- Provide copies of court records regarding reported assets and liabilities.

Other Civil Court case documents
- Provide a copy of the entire court case(s) in which you were a defendant or plaintiff.