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Tips for the Interview

Interviewing Tips

The following are suggestions for preparing and taking the oral interview exam:

 Practice interviewing with a tape recorder, in a group or in front of a mirror until you feel comfortable with your responses.

 Ask your supervisor or manager to give you a mock oral interview.

 Try not to be passive during the interview. Avoid one-word responses such as "yes" or "no".

 Speak clearly and make eye contact with the panel. Many candidates will be nervous. Don't worry if you are nervous, and don't rush your answers.

 Study the Scope section of the Exam Announcement that identifies the knowledge, skills and abilities that may be covered during the exam. You should also review the State Park Peace Officer Cadet class specification and familiarize yourself with its duties and responsibilites. 

    SPPO Cadet - Exam Announcements
    Ranger Cadet      Lifeguard Cadet

    SPPO Cadet - Class Specifications
    Ranger Cadet       Lifeguard Cadet

 When you make a statement about your qualifications, briefly support that statement with factual experiences.  Incorporate your qualifications into your answers.  Do not assume that the panel members have seen your application or know all about you. The interview panel will not have your application in front of them and will only consider information which you provide during the oral exam.

 Be enthusiastic about yourself, past jobs and things you would like to accomplish in the future. Cover your qualifications, special experiences, unique skills and abilities to work as a team player.

 Remember to briefly summarize your skills, abilities, and attributes toward the end of the interview.

Once again, do not rely on the sample questions alone. They are meant as a starting point. Different questions may be asked during an oral interview exam.