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California Recreational Trails Plan: Progress Report For Program Goals

Goals and Action Guidelines

The Plan’s twelve Goals and Action Guidelines, shown below, assist trail managers in developing a trails management process and system consistent with statewide goals. Research and public input received through two public meetings and a workshop at the 2008 California Trails and Greenways Conference identified both encouraging progress and areas where the Plan’s twelve Goals and their associated Action Guidelines need more attention.

Click on a goal below to see details of statewide progress to date:

FUNDING: Develop adequate and stable funding for planning, acquisition, development and management of trails.
TRAILS INVENTORY: Prepare regional and statewide inventories of existing, planned, and potential trails.
REGIONAL AND STATEWIDE LAND-USE PLANNING: Promote and encourage the incorporation of trails and greenways development and linkages into all local and statewide land use planning.
TRAIL ADVOCACY & COLLABORATION: Develop and encourage expanded cooperation and collaboration among trail advocates, wildlife advocates, and cultural resource advocates to maximize resource protection, education, and trail use opportunities.
TRAIL RESEARCH: Promote research that documents trail usage, environmental impacts and trail-based recreational trends and identifies future issues and needs.
STATEWIDE TRAIL STEWARDSHIP: Promote adequate design, construction, relocation, and maintenance of trails in order to optimize public access and resource conservation.
ENCOURAGING PUBLIC USE OF TRAILS: Encourage public use of, and support for, trails programs throughout California.
TRAIL ACCESSIBILITY: Provide trail users with easily accessible trails and accurate information on trail locations and conditions.
MULTI-USE TRAIL COOPERATION: Provide the maximum opportunities for the public use of trails by encouraging the appropriate expansion of multi-use trails.
PRIVATE PROPERTY OWNERS: Work to identify and resolve conflicts between property owners and trail users and advocates.
TRAILS PROGRAM LEADERSHIP: The Department’s Statewide Trails Office will continue its guidance and leadership roles in promoting the advancement of trails and trails programs throughout California.
CALIFORNIA RIDING AND HIKING TRAIL (CRHT): Evaluate the status of previously secured easements for the CRHT and evaluate the feasibility for continuance of the trail’s expansion.