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Monterey State Historic Park

The Path of History

Explore this historic two-mile path

Step into the past on the “Monterey Walking Path of History” and view the site where Spanish explorers first landed in Monterey in 1602. See one of the nation’s last remaining whalebone sidewalks. Walk the same streets that famed author Robert Louis Stevenson walked in 1879. Explore this two-mile path and discover some of California’s most historic homes, buildings and beautiful gardens along the way.

Monterey served as California's capital under Spanish, Mexican and U.S. military rule. The U.S. flag was first officially raised in California here on July 7, 1846, bringing 600,000 square miles of land to the United States.

Monterey’s Path of History can be entered near any of its 55 historic buildings and sites. Just follow the yellow-tiled markers set into the sidewalk. Monterey State Historic Park (SHP) is part of the Path of History.  Monterey SHP preserves and interprets places and objects of statewide historic significance. It consists of 10 historic buildings, including the Custom House, the oldest government building in California (1827), and several residences, including the Stevenson House, Larkin House, Casa Soberanes, and Cooper-Molera Adobe (guided tours are available at all four houses). For more information visit, or call (831) 649-7118.

Driving Directions

... from the NORTH
From San Francisco, San Jose, Gilroy, Marina and other cities from the north, take the Pacific Grove/Del Monte Avenue exit off of Highway 1.

There are two other Del Monte exits prior to this one that are incorrect. Follow Del Monte for approximately one and a half miles. Turn right into the Fisherman's Wharf, Historic Park parking lot. If you end up going through the tunnel, continue on until you can legally turn around. Then return to this parking lot turning left this time. Watch for the signs.

... from the SOUTH
From Big Sur and Carmel, take the Munras Street exit off of Highway 1. Continue down Munras which eventually becomes Abrego Street. Continue on Abrego which eventually becomes Washington Street. Follow Washington Street until it ends at the Fisherman's Wharf parking lot. This entire journey is less than two miles in length.

... from the EAST
From Los Angeles, San Luis Obispo, Salinas, Fresno, Sacramento, Los Banos, Hollister and other cities from the east, take Highway 68 to Highway 1. At this major intersection move into the left lane as this will take you toward Monterey. (You don't want to go to Seaside or Santa Cruz.) Take the Fremont Street exit and follow to the third signal. Turn right onto Abrego Street which shortly becomes Washington Street. Follow Washington Street until it ends in the Fisherman's Wharf parking lot. This entire journey is less than two miles in length.

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