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San Luis Reservoir State Recreation Area

San Luis Reservoir State Recreation Area

San Luis Reservoir SRA is a Central Valley Oasis

The Facilities:  San Luis Reservoir features family, group and hike or bike campsites. There are also restrooms and showers. A visitor center at the Romero Overlook provides full information on the reservoirs and water projects through audio-visual and printed materials. Telescopes are also available for viewing the area. Other features include picnic areas, swimming, boating, windsurfing, hiking and equestrian trails. RV hookups are also available.

Camping Tips:  Campers and trailers must have a maximum length of 37 feet. Strong winds can pick up at anytime so watch the wind warning lights when boating or before launching. 

Weather:  Summer temperatures here average in the mid-90s and occasionally exceed 100° but evenings are usually cool and pleasant. Rainfall averages eight to nine inches a year, mostly between November and April. In winter, temperatures seldom go below freezing, and tule fogs are frequent. In the spring, the golden-brown hills are coated with a fleeting green, highlighted by bursts of wildflowers colors.

:  The park is located on Highway 152, 7 miles West of I-5, or 33 miles East of Highway 101 from Gilroy.   Visit San Luis Reservoir State Recreation Area