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Red Rock Canyon State Park General Plan Revision

Planning Update (December 2009)

The State’s current budget situation has had an impact on California State Park’s planning projects including the Red Rock Canyon SP General Plan Revision.  The budget crisis has adversely affected the State’s ability to sell the bonds that help fund some park projects.  Consequently, the Department suspended the contract work on the Red Rock General Plan in January 2009 until there was a resolution to the budget crisis and bonds began selling again.  Recently, bonds have been sold and as a result, selected priority projects are being allowed to resume work.

This general plan revision for Red Rock Canyon State Park remains a high priority for the Department and the planning team was allowed to resume work in October 2009. The State Parks planning team and AECOM (formerly known as EDAW) consultants are in the process of resuming their studies and planning activities, including completion of summaries from the December 2008 public workshop.  The workshop was the first step of the current public planning process that is part of preparing the General Plan Revision.  The summaries of public comments and questions we received at the last public workshop and during this suspension will appear on our web page soon.

We will provide further updates on the status of the planning effort as information becomes available to us.  For additional information, see the link to our November 2009 News Release about resumption of the general plan revision. 

Thank you for your patience and continuing interest in Red Rock Canyon SP. 

Cliffs at Red Rock Canyon State Park

California State Parks is conducting a public planning process that will result in a new general plan for Red Rock Canyon State Park.  The process is expected to take approximately two years.  You can participate by signing up on our mailing list at the bottom of this page, or contacting our Tehachapi District office at the address provided.  Please note that if you provide us with comments or your name, your name (but not your address) will become a part of the project’s public record.

The General Plan Revision also serves as a Programmatic Environmental Impact Report (EIR) for the purposes of the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA).  In fulfillment of CEQA guidelines, California State Parks filed the Notice of Preparation of an EIR for the Red Rock Canyon State Park General Plan Revision. The 30-day comment period for the Notice of Preparation began on December 5, 2008 and closed on January 5, 2009.  The comments received will be considered in preparing the scope and content of the information to be included and analyzed in the EIR.

Please join this discussion on the future of Red Rock Canyon State Park as we proceed with the General Plan Revision. Your input and ideas will help shape the vision for future use and management of the park.  If you are not on the mailing list and would like to be, see the information near the bottom of this web page. For more information, contact Russ Dingman at:

California State Parks, Tehachapi District
15101 Lancaster Road
Lancaster, CA 93536
(661) 724-2380
Red Rock Canyon State Park, and image of red cliffs

New Plan Builds on Previous Planning Efforts

In 1994, the Park effectively tripled in size when the Bureau of Land Management transferred 16,665 acres to State Parks under the California Desert Protection Act (Last Chance Canyon Addition).  With the voter’s approval of Proposition 84 in 2006, a funding opportunity now exists to revise the existing General Plan, which was written only for the original 9,000 acres and is over 25 years old. The new General Plan will provide direction for the entire 27,000 acre park for the next twenty to thirty years.

In the late 1990s, State Parks decided to approach the addition of the new lands by preparing an amendment to the Park’s 1982 General Plan.  This looked only at the Last Chance Canyon Addition. The department collected data, performed inventories and assessments, met with stakeholders, and held public meetings.  The effort was suspended, however, due to budget constraints. 

When State Parks identified new funding for this general plan process, the decision was made to take a broader view and adopt a strategy of pursuing an entirely new General Plan.  This General Plan Revision effort was kicked off by State Parks in Fall, 2008.

The General Plan Revision effort now includes Red Rock Canyon State Park as a whole, tying the entire State Park together within a comprehensive management document, providing the California State Parks a framework for action and the direction in which to focus that action.

Map of Red Rock Canyon State Park
(Click on map above to download PDF printable map.)

Planners intend to use data from the earlier effort, much of which is still valid and applicable.  To complement this effort, additional data gathering will capture new and more extensive information about the park and adjacent lands. EDAW Planning Consultants were brought on board. They are working closely with State Parks' Planning and District staff to facilitate this planning effort.

Public input is important and will play a significant role in the planning process.

First Redrock General Plan public meeting First Redrock General Plan public meeting
Meetings with stakeholder groups began in November 2008. A series of public workshops will also be held, the first of which took place on December 13, 2008.  This first public meeting also served as a CEQA scoping meeting.  There was a good meeting turnout with 53 members of the public in attendance representing diverse interests and providing input on a wide range of issues.  The planning team will be compiling, analyzing, and summarizing the input from the public meeting as well as from the outreach kits and all other input we have receive so far.  Summaries of this input will be made available in the future in our website and newsletter updates.  The Department hopes to present a completed general plan document to the State Park and Recreation Commission for approval in the spring of 2010.
First public meeting, Redrock General Plan First public meeting, Redrock General Plan

Future public meeting dates, times, and locations will be posted on this website when they are determined. Newsletters will also be mailed or emailed to interested parties. If you would like to be added to the mailing list, email your mailing address to, or write to the Tehachapi District office, attention Russ Dingman, at the address above to the right. Please note that if you provide us with comments or your name, your name (but not your address) will become a part of the project’s public record.

An Introductory Video to Red Rock Canyon State Park and the General Plan Revision Process
(Click here  to view or download a script of the video voice-over. (PDF, 30.3 KB))