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Site Specific Information

It's Time to Pick Favorite Site at Lake Perris! We are Going Site Specific!!

Sites at Lake Perris are now Site Specific. This means that when you call (1-800-444-7275) or go to then you will be making your camping reservation for a specific site number.

Site Changes:  Site specific reservations allow our visitors to be able to have a chance to ensure that their multiple sites can be side by side, to have a chance to hold their favorite camp site and it has also sped up the check-in process. Because we have afforded our visitors this opportunity we have had to make some changes.

You have reserved a specific site number. Site changes will NOT be authorized. So grab a campground map next time you are here, make note of your favorite sites and be prepared! 


If the campground is not full then there is the possibility that the campground can register you into your desired campsite for ONE NIGHT AT A TIME, just as if you arrived without a reservation. See below.


If You Do Not Have a Reservation: If the campground is not full then there is a possibility that the campground can register you into an unreserved site for ONE NIGHT ONLY, as the site may already be reserved for the next day. The next morning before check-out, you can ask the campground if there is an unreserved site. If the site you are currently in is NOT reserved, then they may register you again for ONE NIGHT ONLY. If the site IS reserved but there is a different site that is not reserved then the campground may register you into the OTHER site for ONE NIGHT ONLY and you will have to switch site numbers.


We apologize for any inconvenience that this may cause but now that we are site specific changes have had to be made. If you want to secure a campsite of your choice then you will have to make a reservation as First Come First Serve is no longer dependable, and can only be on a night by night basis unlike in pervious years.

Please Be Aware: If you make a reservation for a campsite for more than one day and you do not check in within 24 hours, your reservation will be canceled and your site sold to a first come first serve visitor. Check in time starts at 2 pm on the date of your arrival. This means that if your reservation is for Friday, Saturday and Sunday and you do not check into your campsite by 2 pm on Saturday then that campsite is no longer held and it will be sold. Reserve America will be notified of the cancelation and you will be refunded your money based on the Reserve America Cancelation Policy in which you lose the fee for one full day. This means that if you have a reservation for three days and cancel, then your credit card is refunded for two days by Reserve America.