2022-2023 Hunting at Lake Perris

Lake Perris offers upland and waterfowl hunting opportunities.
Hunting has several rules and regulations to ensure safety. It is your responsible
to know and follow all park and Fish and Wildlife rules.

2022-2023 Lake Perris State Recreation Area

Boat Waterfowl Hunting Program (Wednesdays Only)














Blind Locations 

Please open the fowlling KML document to view the blind locations.  Google Earth (Free) or similar program may be required to view.  2022 Buoy Locations:  9 Buoy Locations for Waterfowl

Blind #1       33° 52' 26.21" N 117° 9' 23.20" W

Blind #2       33° 52' 13.17" N 117° 9' 16.32" W

Blind #3       33° 52' 3.08" N 117° 9' 17.61" W

Blind #4       33° 51' 55.77" N 117° 9' 18.29" W

Blind #5       33° 51' 47.05" N 117° 9' 17.23" W

Blind #6       33° 51' 37.35" N 117° 9' 18.33" W

Blind #7       33° 51' 27.90" N 117° 9' 34.25" W

Blind #8       33° 51' 16.81" N 117° 9' 41.98" W

Blind #9       33° 51' 8.80" N 117° 9' 48.96" W


Program Details (2022-23 Season has already been awarded):

Lake Perris State Recreation Area (SRA) will offer waterfowl hunting (boat only) every Wednesday during the 2022-2023 Southern California Zone hunting season (tentatively October 22,2022 to January 31, 2023). All Department of Fish and Wildlife (DFW) Hunting Regulations apply and will be enforced. Only vessels with paid-in-full awarded reservations will be allowed to hunt. There will be no “sweat line” or alternates the day of the hunt. There will (9) boat in buoy locations each Wednesday that will be awarded by lottery in early August. 

2022-2023 Lake Perris Waterfowl Lottery / Reservations

 Department of Parks and Recreation (DPR) will accept applications via mail or may be dropped off beginning July 1, 2022, with a deadline of August 1, 2022. Each application will be entered in the lottery for each Wednesday. There is no need to specify which dates as all dates will be considered for each application. The applicant must also include a check or money order payable to the “Department of Parks and Recreation” in the amount of $7.50. (Lottery already occured and Seasona Has been awarded)

Please download the 2022-23 Waterfowl Program Details -Rules and Regulations Lake Perris Waterfowl Rules and Information

Weekly Hunting Results:

Please visit Socal Hunt Report for the latest results



2022-23 Upland Hunting
















Hunting is only allowed in the designated upland hunt zone.

The designated Lake Perris hunting area is Lake Perris Designated Upland Hunting Map

Only shotguns may be used in these designated areas; shooting in other areas of the park is prohibited. 

All hunters must park in hunter's lot and sign in (Clipboard)

Shooting hours are from 6:00 a.m. until sunset.

Only three rounds permitted in a shotgun at one time. (Must have plug)

Valid California State Hunting License is required at all times. 

An Upland game stamp is required for dove, pheasant and quail.

Lake Perris upland hunting follows the same season that CA Department of Fish and Wildlife publlishes.

DFW Upland Hunting Seasons and Regulations visit DFW Upland Hunting Regulations and Seasons

Upland Hunting Map