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Boating Hours

Summer: 6:00 am - 8:30 pm
Winter: 6:00 am - 6:30 pm

Watercraft without running lights must be off the water by sunset.

Summer hours are determined by Daylight Savings Time.

QUAGGA AND ZEBRA MUSSEL INSPECTION: We want you to pass inspection!

All vessels entering Lake Perris will be inspected for Quagga and Zebra Mussels. This includes all canoes, kayaks, sail boats, rubber rafts, fishing waders, scuba gear, etc.

Only boats and equipment which are clean, drained, and completely dry, will pass inspection. If you are coming from a known quagga-infected body of water, you must wait 8 calendar days before bringing it to Lake Perris or Silverwood Lake.

Click here for more information about quagga infested lakes and about the effects of Quagga Mussels and Inspections

If your boat or equipment, including but not limited to sails, life vests, and skis, are wet, damp, or moist, you will not pass inspection. Failure to pass inspection will result in a full 8 calendar day dry-out period before that failed vessel is allowed to launch at a State Park Reservoir.

Multiple watercraft: All vessels on a trailer will be automatically failed if one of the vessels fails inspection. For example, if there are two jet skis on the trailer, and one fails inspection, then the other vessel will be failed as well.

Do not wash, rinse, or hose your boat before coming to Lake Perris. Your watercraft WILL NOT BE ALLOWED IN THE PARK. Let the boat dry for 5 days minimum after washing. The mussel lives in fresh water so tap water will not remove the mussel from your vessel. These animals are like barnacles, clams, and oysters and they attach themselves to any solid material and thrive in dark, stagnant environments. Rinsing will not remove them. To KILL the animal, you must let your boat and equipment in or on the boat be completely dry.

Unfortunately there is no easy way for anyone to identify if a damp boat is infested with the mussels. All watercraft must go through inspection before they are allowed to enter the park.

We want you to pass inspection, but we all have a responsibility to protect California’s waterways, drinking water supplies, and your watercraft from these destructive, invasive mussels.


Watercraft reservations are recommended for summer weekends (Saturday and Sunday) and major summer holidays. In the event of sell-out, only watercraft with reservations will be allowed into the park.

Reservations are required for each individual watercraft. Each reservation holds 1 space on the water. You will pay Vehicle and Boat Use fees on arrival.

Campers: If you are camping for multiple days and are arriving on Saturday, your watercraft only needs a reservation for your day of arrival. On arrival, you will pay full use fees for your watercraft for each day that the watercraft is in the park. (example: If you check in on Saturday afternoon and are checking out on Monday, you need a reservation for Saturday, and will pay boat use fees for Saturday, Sunday, and Monday.) Friday arrivals do not generally need a reservation unless Friday itself is a major Holiday.

Reservations can be made at or by calling 1-800-444-7275 (TDD: 1-800-274-7275).

Sail boats, kayaks, canoes, and other hand launch vessels do not need a reservation.

The Marina

Prices and Information: (951) 657-2179  
Boat Rentals, Watercraft rentals, Wet and Dry Storage.
Store Hours: 7:00 am - 6:00 pm

Boat slip holders must purchase a California State Park Annual Day Use or Golden Poppy pass and a Boat Use pass, to enter in and out of the park with their vehicle and/or watercraft, otherwise they will be charged Day and Boat Use fees each day they enter the park.

Boat slip holders are allowed to enter the park during boat and day use closures, even without a reservation.

Be a Safe Boater!

Each Boat must have the following:
     Current Department of Motor Vehicles registration.
     An adequate muffler to meet state noise level requirements.
     U.S. Coast Guard approved fire extinguisher (except sailboats without motors)
     A U.S. Coast Guard approved type I, II, or III personal floatation device for each person on board.
     A whistle or other sound producing appliance if vessel is a motor boat over 16 feet in length.
     Other suggested equipment includes a paddle, a 20 foot tow line, and an anchor.

Boating Rules
Vessel operators must follow all CCR-Title14 and applicable Boating Laws, Lake Perris Posted Orders,    Harbors & Navigation Laws and Federal Inland Navigation Rules.
 Vessel operators must be 16 years of age (12 yrs. of age when supervised by an adult)
 Direction of travel is counterclockwise (except vessels under sail, kayak, or canoes)
Maximum speed limit on the lake is 35 MPH. 
Speed before sunrise is limited to 5 MPH, running lights are required. 
Personal Water Craft (PWC) must be off the water by sunset.
SLOW, NO WAKE! 5 mph from shore line to buoys (wakeless – idle speed)
 Children 12 years and under must wear a life jacket (PFD) at all times while on a vessel.
We recommend that everyone, even strong swimmers, wear a life vest!
Every person being towed behind the vessel must wear a life vest, at all times.
Free style/Trick riding is not permitted. This includes but is not limited to: 360’s, 180’s, submarining, jumping boat wakes within 100 feet of a vessel.
5 mph and running lights are required during restricted visibility and after dark.
Vessels are not allowed within 50 feet of posted swim areas.
All persons, except water-skiers (etc.), must be in the passenger compartment while vessel is under way. 
Water-skiing, towables (etc.) are allowed only during daylight hours. 
When a vessel is in a towing operation (skier, wakeboard, inflatable, etc.) the vessel must have an observer, at least 12 years or older, holding an orange flag and in visual contact with the person in tow and in verbal communication with the vessel operator.
Towed inflatables are allowed at the lake
Dogs are not allowed on the beach, in the water or on the island. Dogs are allowed on vessels but not in the water.
Shoreline refueling is Prohibited, Refuel in parking lots - Protect our water and our beaches.
 Boaters are required to know and follow all California State boating laws, even if not listed above.
ALCOHOL possession and consumption is allowed from your vessel only. You may not bring alcohol on shore in day use areas. Alcohol is also permitted in your registered campsite.
Boating Under the Influence (BUI) will be subject to arrest and booking into County Jail.
 The east end (island side) of the lake will be a 5 mile per hour zone only, due to hidden hazards and shallow water in that portion of the lake.
Open water travel will be counter clockwise only in the west basin.
(35 MPH maximum speed limit) 
NOTE:  All 5 mph zones are non-directional.  Only the 35 mph zones are counterclockwise.
No shoreline access allowed at Bernasconi Beach, closed for dam construction
Closed Area for Construction: NO SHORE ACCESS
No Vessels on Beach or Pedestrian Access
Definition of a Vessel: Any watercraft used or capable of being used as transportation on the water; except a seaplane or a vessel on a fixed track or arm.

Powered vessel requirements:
• An adequate muffler to meet state noise level requirements.
• USCG approved fire extinguisher.
• Whistle or other sound producing device.
• USCG approved lifejackets Type: I, II, III or V.
• Vessels 16’ and greater must have a type IV throw able flotation device.
• Current vessel registration.
• Navigational lights during sunset to
   sunrise or during limited visibility.

Non- power vessels: (ie:) canoes, kayaks, standup paddle boards (SUP), float tubes
• SUP’s are vessels and required to carry PFD, (Leashes are recommended and is your best connection to your floatation) SUP’s not recommended in high speed open water during high vessel traffic.
• Vessels less than 16’ in length must carry a USCG approved lifejackets Type: I, II, III or V
• Vessels 16’ or greater must have a type IV throw able floatation device.
• Navigational lights during sunset to sunrise and during limited visibility.

Additional park regulations:
• During daylight savings time (Summer) all vessels are due off the water at 8:30 PM.
• During regular hours (Winter) all vessels are due off the water at 6:30 PM.
• Dogs are not permitted on beaches, in the water, or on the island.
• Vending within park boundaries is prohibited.
• Passengers are prohibited from riding in the bed of trucks or in vessels while on any roadway.

California Safe Boating Course – please go to:

Personal Water Craft (PWC) Safety Course – please go to:

Further Boating information and education please see: or   or

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