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All vessels entering Lake Perris will be inspected for Quagga and Zebra Mussels. This includes all canoe, kayak and sail boats. Rubber rafts, fishing waders, scuba gear etc.

Only clean, drain, and dry boats and equipment will be acceptable for inspection upon arrival to the park.  If you are coming from a Quagga Infected body of water you must wait 7 days before bringing it here to Lake Perris or Silverwood Lake.

Click here for more information about quagga infested lakes and about the effects of Quagga Mussels and Inspections

If your boat or any object, inculding but not limited to sails, life vests, and skis, on your boat is wet, damp, or moist, you will not pass our inspection.   Failure to pass inspection will result in a full 7 day waiting period before that failed vessel is allowed to launch at a State Park Reservoir. 

Do not wash, rinse, or hose your boat before coming to Lake Perris. Your watercraft WILL NOT BE ALLOWED IN THE PARK. Let the boat dry for 5 days minimum after washing. The mussel lives in fresh water and tap water will not remove the mussel from your vessel. These animals are like barnacles, clams, and oysters and they attach themselves to any solid material and thrive in dark, stagnant environments. Rinsing them will not remove them. To KILL the animal, you must let your boat, life vests, bumpers, sails and any other object in or on your boat be completely dry.

Unfortunately there is no 'easy' way for anyone to identify if a damp boat is infested with the mussels. All watercraft must go through inspection before they are allowed to enter the park.

Please understand and do what you can to help protect California's waterways, drinking water supplies, and your watercraft from these destructive, invasive, mussels.

The Marina Prices and Information (link): (951) 657-2179  
        Store Hours: 7:00 am - 6:00 pm
         Boat Rentals, Watercraft rentals.
         Boat Storage: Wet and Dry Storage

Marina slip holders must purchase the annual pass and boat pass to enter in and out of the park with their vehicle and or watercraft otherwise they will be charged full price for each vehicle and watercraft each time they enter the park.

Boating Rules

PWC Vessel operators must be 16 years of age.

Direction of travel is counterclockwise (except vessels under sail).

Free style/Trick riding in not permitted. This includes but is not limited to, 360s, 180s, submarining, jumping boat wakes, etc.

No wake.  Idle speed from shore to buoys.

Maximum speed on lake is 35 mph. Speed before sunrise is limited to 5 mph; running lights are required. 

5 mph and running lights are required during restricted visibility and after sunset.

Vessels are not allowed within 50 ft. of posted swim areas.

All persons except water-skiers must be in the passenger compartment while vessel is under way. 

Water-skiers must have an observer at least 12 years old in the towing vessel in a position to watch the skier.

No unattended skis, ropes, etc., may be left in the lake.

Towing inflatables, water skis, wake boards, etc. is allowed! All towed items must use a ski-rope unattached to the towed item.

ALCOHOL POSSESSION & CONSUMPTION IS Allowed to be consumed from your vessel only.  You may not bring it on shore in day use areas.  Alcohol is also permitted in the camground. 

The east end of the lake will be a 5 mile per hour zone only.  Travel will be counter clockwise only in the west basin due to hidden hazards underwater in the east end.

NOTE:  All 5 mph zones are non directional.  Only the 35 mph zones are counterclockwise.