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Latest Poppy Reserve Researcher Field Notes

12/30/14: Mary Wilson

Poppy Reserve
Rainfall amount to date: 4.69 inches
Filaree has its true leaves but no flower buds. The grasses are up to 2 to 3 inches; asters and rubber
rabbit brush still have blooms. Beavertail cacti have plumped pads. There are patches of green on
the hillsides. Tumbleweeds have turned brown, are starting to break off and tumble and forming
mounds of several plants clustered together. There are still buckwheat in bloom and going to seed.
Fiddleneck is up to 1 and 1-1/2 inches. Found a few pygmy-leafed lupine. There are poppy plants
that are still in the 2 to 4 spiked leaved cot stages, no true leaves yet.

Burrowing Owls
The recent rains have cleaned off a lot of the previous droppings at the entrances, which will hopefully
make it easier to know which habitats have new residents. The insect maintenance crews have
cleared away a lot of the pellets but I did find a lot of Darkling beetle body parts at some entrances. I
only spotted one owl on my last trip, but hopefully we will be getting new residents soon as the mating
season will start in February.

Ripley Desert Woodland
With the rains that fell on December 12th there are a lot of grasses coming up and a lot of unidentified
cots. The trees look greener and the dieback a darker brown. There is a lot of dieback under the
trees. The male Juniper trees are forming the cones.