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Latest Poppy Reserve Researcher Field Notes

March 14, 2016

With the temperatures warming up the snakes are coming out so please stay on the trails.
Flowers in bloom are filaree, slender keel fruit, fiddleneck, goldfields, mustard, forget-me-nots, grape soda lupine, wild cucumber, blue dick, red maids, sun cups, wild parsley, fringe pod, yellow flowers of silver puffs, and pygmy-leaved lupine.
Poppies are still forming their rosettes, starting first buds, have flowers with the calyx on them, some are starting to bloom, and this trip found a few poppy plants forming the seed pods.
There are lizards, Darkling beetles, blister beetles, painted lady butterflies, and hairstreak butterflies. The birds are meadow larks, horned larks, sparrows, red tailed hawks, and ravens.
Lightning Bolt Trail – Flowers in bloom are: wild parsley, blue dick, lupine, goldfields, the silver puff yellow flowers are forming and a few poppies are in bloom. On the hillside on the southwest facing slope that has a nice showing of forget-me-nots there is a fairly nice showing of poppies among them. There are occasional patches of goldfields interspersed with poppies. The California buckwheat in this area are just starting to form the clusters of flower buds. The four o’clock plants are forming their green leaves but there are no buds yet. The lacy phacelia is still in bloom along the trail but those on the hillside are turning brown and going to seed.

Kitanemuk Vista Point – Flowers in bloom are fiddleneck, slender keel fruit, lacy phacelia, and forget-me-nots. On the north side of the vista point is a nice patch of forget-me-nots and then looking out you will see patches of yellow gold-fields on the valley floor. Looking to the northwest and the valley floor of Fairmont Butte nice large patches of gold-fields and small patches of orange poppies. The Acton encelia is starting to form flower buds.

Poppy Trail North Loop – As you walk this trail you will start to see poppies on either side of the trail, on the hillsides and in the valley. There are also goldfields, pygmy-leaved lupine, filaree, fiddleneck, fringe pod, and forget-me-nots. In the area of north of the wooden fence there are a few sun cups and wild parsley in bloom.

Arthur B. Ripley Desert Woodland - Joshua trees are producing flowers. In bloom are fiddleneck, blue sage, comb-bur, bladder pod and a few goldfields.

170th Street West between Lancaster Road and Avenue D (Hwy. 138) - still has a nice showing of gold-fields interspersed with poppies.
Gorman Post Road—the hills are starting to show fields of lupine and coreopsis.
Portal Ridge Wildlife Area—195th Street West. Flowers in bloom are goldfields interspersed with tidy tips, coreopsis, Fremont pincushions, hairy lotus, comb-bur, forget-me-nots, pygmy-leaved lupine, fiddleneck, baby blue eyes and an occasional poppy.

March 6, 2016

By Mary Wilson
Flowers in bloom at the reserve are: filaree, slender keel fruit, fiddleneck, goldfields, mustard, forget-me-nots, grape soda lupine, wild cucumber, blue dick, red maids, sun cups, wild parsley and pygmy-leaved lupine.
While hiking you can see small fields of a light purple that are filaree and then the small fields of gold are starting to show that are the goldfields. The poppies are starting to make their showing and you can see small patches of orange.

Arthur B. Ripley Desert Woodland and areas throughout the valley have Joshua trees forming buds and flowers.

170th Street West between Lancaster Road and Avenue D (Hwy 138) - there are starting to be fields of goldfields and some poppies.
Godde Hill Road—spotted poppies, lacy phacelia, forget-me-nots, mustard, coreopsis, chia, hairy lotus, fiddleneck, lupine, whispering bells, jewel flower and little gold poppy.
little gold poppy whispering bells
Elizabeth Lake Road and Munz Ranch Road - If you go to the Elizabeth Lake Road Day Use area that is by the lake look to the north at the hillsides of coreopsis and poppies. At the intersection of Munz Ranch Road and Elizabeth Lake road the hillsides are coming alive with the yellow of the coreopsis and orange of the poppies. As you go down Munz Ranch Road you will see the recovery of the area from the Power House Fire and the October 2016 rain erosion—coreopsis is making a nice showing. Further down the road you will start seeing the perennial poppy bouquets starting to bloom.


The filaree is in bloom and is the predominant flower. Also in bloom are slender keel fruit, goldfields, mustard, fiddleneck, and the speckled milkvetch (loco weed) has green leaves but no buds as yet. The Joshua tree to the west of the visitor center has three buds. Grasses are up around 10 inches and are going to seed. There were a couple of poppies in bloom in front and west of the visitor center.
On the Tehachapi Vista Point Trail just prior to the grape soda lupine I spotted 5 poppies starting to bloom. The grape soda lupine plants are looking healthy but not buds yet.
Met a couple who had just walked the Poppy Trail North Loop on the west side and they stated they did not find any poppies in bloom.
Poppy Trail South Loop – found the tiny forget-me-nots, filaree and did find a few poppies in bloom.
Poppy plants are still forming their rosettes and there must have been more germination after the January rain as some of the rosettes are only 1-inch across and the ones from the October rain are 3 to 4-inches across. The larger rosettes have one to two buds forming in the center of the rosette.
Lizards and Darkling beetles are out. Spotted ravens, horned larks and heard meadow larks.