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Auburn State Recreation Area General Plan/Resource Management Plan

At the request of the U.S. Bureau of Reclamation (Reclamation), the planning process to develop a new General Plan and Interim Resource Management Plan (GP/IRMP) for Auburn State Recreation Area (SRA) has been suspended indefinitely.

Reclamation has indicated that it would not be wise to proceed with the preparation of a new general plan until funding and management issues with the Auburn Dam Project Lands are resolved.

To read the letter about the suspension of the Auburn SRA GP/IRMP from District Superintendent, Scott Nakaji, please click here.

American River Middle Fork
California State Parks is collaborating with the U.S. Bureau of Reclamation (Reclamation) to prepare a joint General Plan/Resource Management Plan for the Auburn State Recreation Area (SRA). California State Parks manages Auburn SRA through a contract with Reclamation. Auburn SRA is comprised of forty miles of river canyon along the North and Middle Forks of the American River.

The General Plan/Resource Management Plan will define a long term vision for the park unit, will provide guidelines for the protection and management of natural and cultural resources, will determine the use and management of the many recreation activities which occur in the SRA and will identify any additional facility improvements. An Environmental Impact Report/Environmental Impact Statement will be prepared as part of this project.

The GP/RMP is a programmatic document that will outline broad goals and guidelines for management of Auburn SRA and will provide the basis for developing future focused management plans, specific project plans, and other proposals which implement the GP/RMP goals. However, the GP/RMP will not define detailed methods, plans or designs for fulfilling these goals.

The planning process will provide many opportunities for public involvement. Links to newsletters and other planning documents will be posted below on this webpage as they are available.

General Plan/Resource Management Plan Newsletters
Newsletter #1
Newsletter #2

April-June 2006 Stakeholder Focus Group Meeting Notes
Between April and June of 2006, members of the Planning Team for the Auburn SRA General Plan/Interim Resource Management Plan met with key project stakeholders in five, two-hour focused meetings. The goal of the meetings was to engage representatives of various user and interest groups in focused discussions prior to the initiation of the first public workshop in June. Participants were asked to identify what they were passionate about with regards to Auburn SRA; what special value or niche that Auburn SRA holds for them; and what issues, challenges or opportunities they believe the GP/IRMP needs to address. Below is a link to the notes from these focus group meetings.
April-June 2006 Stakeholder Focus Group Meeting Notes

Public Worksop #1 - June 15, 2006
News Release June 1, 2006
Public Comments from Public Workshop #1

April 2007 Stakeholder Focus Group Meeting Notes
Four focus group meetings were held in April 2007 with representatives of a variety of user and interest groups. The goal of these two-hour meetings was to engage representatives of various user and interest groups in focused discussions prior to the initiation of the second public workshop in May 2007. These stakeholder meetings focused on soliciting ideas to resolve the key issues previously identified.
April 2007 Stakeholder Focus Group Meeting Notes

Public Workshop #2 – May 30, 2007
Press Release Public Workshop #2

Options to Address Key Issues – Hand-out at Workshop #2

Pump Station Project Public Access – Hand-out at Workshop #2

Meeting Notes – Public Workshop #2

Auburn SRA 2006 Visitor Survey Report

As part of the information gathering for the General Plan an onsite visitor survey was conducted in 2006 to learn more about visitor use patterns and visitor preferences within Auburn SRA. Five hundred and twenty eight useable surveys were completed by visitors at a variety of locations throughout the SRA from May through October of 2006. See the report of the survey findings in the link below. The data from the survey and the findings will help inform the planning process. A special thanks to all of the volunteers from Canyon Keepers who helped implement the survey under the guidance of Aukerman, Hass and Associates, LLC.

Report of the Findings from the 2006 Auburn SRA Visitor Survey

If you would like to be added to the mailing list to receive notification of future workshops and planning updates, please contact Jim Micheaels, Project Manager at (916) 988-0205 (ext. 202) or

Thank you for your interest in the future of the Auburn State Recreation Area and participation in this planning effort.