Chino Hills State Park Interpretive Association

Chino Hills State Park Interpretive AssociationThe Chino Hills State Park Interpretive Association (CHSPIA) was formed in 1991 by interested residents and park users. CHSPIA's mission is "to enhance public awareness of the importance of maintaining and restoring the unique natural habitat within Chino Hilss State Park (CHSP), through interpretive and educational activities."

Nestled between the four urbanized counties of Los Angeles, Orange, Riverside and San Bernardino, CHSP is a refuge for urban weary visitors. Stands of oaks, sycamores and walnuts offer shaded areas for hikers, horseback-riders, bicyclists, picnickers and campers. The recently built campgrounds are among the newest in the state.

CHSPIA is a non-profit volunteer based organization that assists the California Department of Parks and Recreation in maintaining and restoring CHSP. Through interpretive programs and volunteer support designed to enhance visitor experiences, CHSPIA fosters appreciation and the enlightened use of the State Park. All funds raised go directly to CHSPIA to support their interpretive activities, events and other park programs that may not otherwise receive funding.

Park resources need protection. Your membership and involvement in the Chino Hills State Park Interpretive Association helps ensure that the resources remain preserved. Members receive quarterly newsletters describing scheduled park activities.

The Chino Hills State Park Interpretive Association is an official cooperating association with California State Parks.  For more information about the association, it’s many activities, or to become a member, please visit the Chino Hills State Park Interpretive Association website.

Chino Hills State Park Interpretive Association
4717 Sapphire Road
Chino Hills, CA 91709

TEL 951-780-6222

California State Parks has a valuable relationship with more than 80 cooperating associations authorized pursuant to Public Resources Code 513. These non-profit charitable organizations are dedicated to enhancing the educational and interpretive programs in California State Parks. Associations are related to, but independent of the state parks they serve.

Many associations have websites. California State Parks encourages you to visit these websites, however does not guarantee the content, timeliness or accuracy of the material on these sites.