Mattole Road at Big TreesSUPPLIES AND SERVICES

Q: Where can I get supplies?
A: There are small general stores within the park in the towns of Redcrest, Myers Flat, Miranda, and Phillipsville. Supermarkets are located south in Garberville and Redway, and north in Fortuna.

Q: Where can I get gas?
A: Within the park, the store in Redcrest sells gas when the store is open, and the store in Miranda sells gas 24/7 with a credit card. 24-hour gas stations are located south in Garberville and north in Rio Dell.

Q: Are there RV dump stations in the park?
A: No. To the north the Shell station in Fortuna offers a dump station, and to the south the Benbow State Recreation Area campground has a dump station open in the summer.

Q: Where can I use a phone?
A: Cell phones work in small portions of the park, dependent on your service provider. Generally you can get service near Weott and near the Dyerville overlook. Elsewhere in the park, service is unlikely. Pay phones are located at Albee Creek, Burlington, and Hidden Springs campgrounds, as well as in all the towns except Pepperwood.

Q: Does the park offer lodging?
A: The park does not have any lodging for rent. Lodging is available in Redcrest, Myers Flat, and Miranda, or in the larger towns to the north or south of the park.

Q: Where is the nearest laundromat?
A: There is a coin-operated laundromat in Myers Flat.

Q: Where can I get firewood?
A:  When campground kiosks are open, you may buy firewood there.  In the off-season, you may buy firewood at the Visitor Center. Gathering of downed wood is prohibited to allow nutrients to cycle back to the soil.


Q: Where is the drive-through tree?
A: All drive-through trees are privately owned. There are three on the North Coast, located in the towns of Leggett to the south, Myers Flat, which is located in the middle of Humboldt Redwoods State Park, and Klamath to the north.

Q: Can I climb the redwoods?
A: Climbing these massive trees is dangerous to people and damages the trees, so climbing is prohibited.

South Fork Eel near Canoe CreekQ: How tall is the tallest tree?
A: Currently the tallest tree in the world is the Stratosphere Giant, which is just over 370 feet tall. Because too many visitors can impact the root system of the tree and damage it, we do not disclose the location of this tree.

Q: Is there camping aside from the campgrounds?
A: No, all camping in the park must be in a designated area. With well over 500,000 visitors a year, we must protect the park from overuse, which means using only designated camping areas. This includes motor homes parked on the side of the road and sleeping in your car.

Q: May I drive down to the river bar?
A: During the summer months, some river bars are open to vehicles. River bar gravel is soft and only four-wheel-drive vehicles should go on river bars. There is no "off-roading" allowed, and driving through the river itself is strictly prohibited. River bar gates are locked in the rainy season – combinations for these gates are available for launching and retrieving boats for fishing; call the park for details

Q: Is there a shuttle service for hikers or kayakers?
A: There is no shuttle service available. Most hikes can be done as a loop to avoid needing a shuttle.

Q: Where can my dogs run off-leash?
A: To protect wildlife who perceive even gentle dogs as a threat, every dog must be on a six-foot-maximum leash (held by an adult) at all times in the state park and confined to a tent or vehicle after dark.

Q: Where can I ride ATV’s and off-road motorcycles?
A: No off-road vehicles are allowed in the park. The Bureau of Land Management operates the Samoa Dunes area near Eureka for off-road activities. Check with them for details.


Q: Are there bears and other large animals in the park?
A: There is a healthy population of black bears in the park, mostly located in the backcountry and upper Bull Creek watershed. Black bears are generally not dangerous to people. Storing food properly is very important – bears who become accustomed to human food can become aggressive and sometimes need to be destroyed. There are also mountain lions in the park, though they’re very rarely seen.

Lower Bull Creek FlatsQ: Is there poison oak in the park?
A: Yes! Poison oak is located throughout the park, in the form of bushes and vines. Poison oak can cause a very bad rash and should always be avoided. If you come into contact with poison oak be sure to wash with soap and plenty of clean, cold water as soon as possible. Remember – "leaves of three, let it be"!

Q: Where is first aid available?
A: All State Park Rangers are Emergency Medical Responders and can handle most medical emergencies. Dial "911" or speak to any uniformed park employee for emergency medical service. Hospitals are located in Garberville to the south and Fortuna to the north, and additional emergency medical service is offered by the California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection, by various volunteer fire departments, and by ambulance service.