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Easy Hikes

The following hikes are mostly on level ground on well-maintained trails. With over 100 miles of trails available to hikers there is something for everyone. Whether you are interested in a short, level stroll through the lush forest or a multi-day, strenuous adventure, Humboldt Redwoods has what you’re looking for. Detailed, full-color topographical maps are available by sending $3 check or money order and your mailing address to:

Map Request
Humboldt Redwoods Interpretive Association
P.O. Box 276
Weott, CA 95571

This is a self-guided nature hike with a brochure available at the trailhead. The hike features the Founder’s Tree, named in honor of the founders of the Save the Redwoods League, and the Dyerville Giant, at one time the tallest tree in the world, which fell in 1991 and now provides nutrients to the next generation of trees in the forest.
Trailhead: Founder’s Grove parking area, Ave. of the Giants mile marker 20.5. 4.1 miles north of Park Headquarters.
Length: 0.6 miles
Time: 30 minutes
Elevation +/-: Level

Located directly across the Ave. of the Giants from the Visitor Center this short loop trail features 300’ tall trees, evidence of early logging, and easy access to the river via a spur trail. Starting summer 2006 the trail will be ADA accessible and have a brand new, self-guided system of interpretive signs.
Trailhead: Directly across the road from the Visitor Center, Ave. of the Giants mile marker 16.5.
Length: 0.6 miles
Time: 30 minutes
Elevation +/-: Level

This loop trail is located on the north end of the park, where cooler temperatures and more fog create a very lush, green under story to the old growth redwood forest.
Trailhead: Ave. of the Giants mile marker 43.9, just south of the town site of Pepperwood.
Length: 1.7 miles
Time: 1 hour 15 minutes
Elevation +/-: Level

Ferns on an Old Fallen TreeSTEPHEN’S GROVE LOOP TRAIL
This loop trail goes through Stephen’s Grove, one of the first groves protected by the park. This area was once a campground before the floods of 1955 and 1964 buried it under layers of silt. Look closely – can you find traces of old roadways and picnic tables? The redwood forest reclaims its territory quickly!
Trailhead: Ave. of the Giants mile marker 7.0, just north of the town of Miranda. 9.5 miles south of Park Headquarters.
Length: 0.7 miles
Time: 30 minutes
Elevation +/-: Level

This loop trail is at the foot of the majestic 7,000 acre Rockefeller Forest, traveling near where Bull Creek meets the South Fork Eel. Trees soaring to immense heights combined with a relatively open under story combine to create a fairy-book forest!
Trailhead: 1.1 miles west of Ave. of the Giants on the Mattole Road, which breaks off at Ave. of the Giants mile marker 20.6, at Dyerville.
Length: 0.7 miles
Time: 30 minutes
Elevation +/-: 20 feet.