Horseback Riding Lessons at Will Rogers

Will Rogers and his children, circa 1930s

Will Rogers was a horse man

Throughout his life, he owned horses and his children had horses. For cowboying, acting or playing, Will Rogers had horses. As a young cowboy, his vocation was roping from horseback. He refined his trade into fine arts of trick roping. He mastered horsemanship becoming an accomplished trick rider and polo player with a three-goal handicap.

Will Rogers State Historic Park has horseback riding lessons.  

Dorte Lindegaard
 of the Westside Riding School offers a variety of lessons including Western riding and other riding styles, Tuesday through Sunday at the Park. 

To pre-schedule Westside Riding School Horseback Riding Lessons at Will Rogers SHP call 310-904-9846 or send an email to For more information you can also visit our website at

Dorte Lindegaard of Westside Riding School
Dorte Lindegaard on Atlas
The Westside Riding School teaches Western riding and other riding styles.