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Park Rules at Lake Perris

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Vehicle Rules: Standard California State Laws Always Apply.

Emergency:  call 911

     Display your campground or day use receipt in the lower left corner of the windshield of your vehicle (drivers side).  Failure to do so will result in a citation.

     All vehicles must remain on the pavement.  For information about Off Highway Vehicle parks, please visit

     Park Speed Limit is 35 miles per hour on the upper road.  25 Miles per hour by the lower road.  15 miles per hour in the Camp Ground.  Please obey all posted Speed Limits.  Failure to do so will result in a citation.

     All motorized vehicles used in the park (including cars, motor bikes, children's miniature motorcycles and golf carts) must be registered with the DMV and have a license plate. In other words it must be Street Legal to be used inside the park. Off roading is not allowed.

Camping, Family Picnic, Group Camp and Group Picnic Rules

     No person shall at any time use outside electronic equipment including electrical speakers, radios, phonographs, televisions or other machinery at a volume which emits sound beyond the immediate individual's picnic site or camp site without specific permission from the Superintendent and a Special Event Permit.

     Campsites are now Site Specific and the site number is reserved by Reserve America. Site Changes can not be authorized.

     Campsite fees include 1 vehicle and one tow (car, 5th wheel, or trailer).  Any vehicles up to the maximum of three will pay an additional day use fee for each day they are at the park. The tow is not charged but counts as a vehicle in the site. Boats and Personal Water Craft are charged their daily fees but do not count against the number of vehicles in the site, each trailer does.

     Camp fires are permitted only in the fire ring and concrete grills provided.  There are no open ground fires permitted.

     Drains in R.V Loops are for grey water (sink water) only.  Sewage will plug the drains.  The Dump stations are available near the nature corner north of the campground office.

     Generators may not be operated between the hours of 8 p.m. and 10 a.m.

     Quiet hours are from 10 p.m. to 6 a.m.

     Campsites should be left clean.  Your pleasure and pride in your parks will be enhanced when they are kept clean and it will help keep fees down.  All litter must be deposited in a receptacle for that purpose.

     The maximum length of stay fifteen (15) days between June 1st and November 30th.  Thirty (30) days between December 1st and May 31st.  The maximum stay per year is thirty (30) days.

Boating and Water Craft Rules: Standard California State Laws Always Apply.

     Jet Skies, Wave Runners are allowed.  2 Stroke engines are allowed.

     We have changed our boating rules.  You now may tow inflatables.  

     Direction of travel is counterclockwise (except vessels under sail).

     Free style/Trick riding in not permitted. This includes but is not limited to, 360s, 180s, submarining, jumping boat wakes, etc.

     NO WAKE! Idle speed from shore to buoys.

     Maximum speed on lake is 35 mph. Speed before sunrise is limited to 5 mph; running lights are required. Vessels must be off of the lake at sunset.

     5 mph and running lights are required during restricted visibility.

     Vessels are not allowed within 50 ft. of posted swim areas.

     All persons except water-skiers must be in the passenger compartment while vessel is under way. NO BOW RIDING!

     Water-skiers must have an observer at least 12 years old in the towing vessel in a position to watch the skier at all times.

     All Vessels must have current boat registration, Tags and CF#, and USCG approved fire extinguisher.  There must be USCG approved Type 1, 2 or 3 Personal Flotation Devices for each person on board and the Life Jackets must be worn by each passenger.

     Boats must have a whistle or other sound producing appliance on board.

     Vessels must use MTBE Free Fuel only.

     Vessel and watercraft operators must be 16 years of age or older unless accompanied by an adult.

     No unattended skis, ropes, etc., may be left in the lake.


Animals must be leashed (6’ or less), caged, or in a tent, motor home, or vehicle at all times. (For your pet's safety, do NOT leave animals locked up in your car during the day, even with the windows cracked. Use a crate in a shady area or a portable pet run.

Animals can not be left unattended!

Visitors are responsible for cleaning up after their pets. 

Animals are not allowed on the sand (Beach areas) because the water is used for municipal drinking water.   This includes the island and Bernasconi Beach area. 

Animals are allowed in the campground and picnic areas. 

Pets are allowed to be on watercraft but they can NOT have any body contact with the water at any time. 

Animals are not allowed on the island

Dogs in the campground must not disturb other campers.  If your dog barks excessively you may be asked to remove your dog. 

Service animals are always welcome and are not subject to the above rules except for contact with the water.

Other Rules

     THE POSSESSION AND CONSUMPTION OF ALCOHOLIC BEVERAGES ARE PROHIBITED IN ALL DAY USE.  Alcohol is only allowed in your overnight camp site and you may consume alcohol from a vessel.  Please designate drivers both on the road and on your boat. Law Enforcment Rangers arrest an average of 50 visitors a year for drunk driving.  Please be smart and safe.

     A valid California State Fishing License is required for anyone over 16 years of age.  

     Children under the age of 18 who want to camp at Lake Perris without adult supervision must provide the park with a permission slip from their parent/guardian with two working telephone numbers at the time of campsite registration.

   If you have a problem with noisy camp ground neighbors, your camp site, or any of the rules above being violated, please inform our Park Rangers.  Or please ask an employee in uniform, at a Park Entry Kiosk or the Campground Kiosk to try and contact one of the Rangers.  Please be sure to give us the location of the problem.  The sooner we know of a problem, the sooner that we can make the park a better place to visit. 

   You are responsible for knowing and obeying all California State Laws and all Federal Laws, even if not listed above.
   You are responsible for knowing and obeying all California State Boating Laws and Fish and Game Regulations even if not listed above.
   You are responsible for knowing and obeying Park rules and Regulations, even if not listed above.