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San Diego Coast District Cultural Resources

What are Cultural Resources?

Cultural resources are remnants of human history: old buildings, archaeological sites and artifacts, historic documents such as photographs or letters, and even historic landscapes. Along with open space and wildlife corridors, California State Parks seeks out, records and protects cultural resources which span a range of more than 13,000 years. Cultural resource managers include historians, archaeologists, curators and museum technicians.

Cultural resources are buildings such as the Cosmopolitan Hotel (La Casa de Bandini) in Old Town San Diego State Historic Park, shown in this 1872 photo. 

Cultural Resources are artifacts such as these glass bottles, a type collection for the identification of glassware in the district's historic sites.


State Parks Archaeologist Cynthia Hernandez excavating Trench 1, Unit 2 at La Casa de Machado y Smith site, 2003

What is San Diego Coast District?

Of the more than 290 California State Parks, San Diego Coast District manages 16 parks from Carlsbad State Beach to the extreme southwest corner of the Continental United States at Border Field State Park.  Some of the most visited parks in the system are included in these urban areas.  Old Town San Diego State Historic Park, the home of the original Mexican pueblo of San DIego, and Torrey Pines State Reserve, the home of the endangered Torrey Pine, both enjoy hundreds of thouseands of visitors earch year.