California Outdoor Recreation Plan

California Outdoor Recreation Planning Program

The Statewide Comprehensive Outdoor Recreation Plan (SCORP) is developed by California State Parks' Grants and Local Services Division.  See for current SCORP information.


California State Parks' Planning Division developed the SCORP, the statewide master plan for parks, outdoor recreation, and open space for California prior to 2015. The SCORP provides policy guidance to all outdoor recreation providers, including federal, state, local, and special district agencies, that provide outdoor recreational lands, facilities and services throughout California. The SCORP is also the primary tool for prioritizing Land and Water Conservation Fund grant allocations to local governments.

The SCORP is updated periodically. The most recent was produced in 2008 and approved in 2009.  Planning staff has begun work on the 2014 CORP. The first two
research elements of the 2014 CORP are published below.

2014 SCORP Research Elements/Stand-alone Publications

2012 Survey on Public Opinions and Attitudes on Outdoor Recreation in California (289 pages, 1.3 MB .pdf)
This survey continues a process in place for over 25 years, to utilize applied research as a critical tool in developing the state's Outdoor Recreation Plan. 

2013 Outdoor Recreation in California's Regions (130 pages, 10.1 MB .pdf)
For the first time since 1979, California State Parks offers a report on outdoor recreation at the regional level in California as part of the CORP.

2011 Economic Study on Outdoor Recreation in California
This research element consists of two reports that document the annual economic contribution to the California economy from recreation on public land and common spaces throughout the state. The first report evaluates the economic effects on California’s economy from outdoor recreation statewide, at federally- and state-managed lands, local and regional parks, and other public outdoor locations. The second report measures the economic contributions of the State Park System specifically.

Statewide Contributions and Benefits (140 pages, 1.0 MB .pdf)
This report quantifies the economic contribution from statewide outdoor recreation to California’s economy. Outdoor recreation trip and equipment expenditures totaled almost $21 billion in California in 2008 and supported about 200,000 jobs. When economic multiplier effects are included, these figures rise to nearly $40 billion and about 313,000 jobs.Fact Sheet 

State Park System Contributions and Benefits (108 pages, 787 KB .pdf)
This report quantifies the economic contribution to the state economy from California’s State Park System. The State Park System generated an annual average economic contribution to California’s economy of about $6.8 billion dollars and 56,000 jobs from fiscal year 2006-08. This economic activity also generated about $410 million in state government revenues and $140 million in local government revenues, returning over two dollars to the state treasury for each dollar spent on operating and maintaining the State Park System. Fact Sheet (2 pages, 781, kb, pdf)


2010 Alternative Camping Survey (96 pages, 1.6 MB .pdf)
For this research element, California State Parks’ Planning Division conducted a study of the state park system’s alternative camping facilities, which consist of cabins, tent cabins, cottages,* and floating campsites. The study surveyed over 3,000 people who stayed in the 108 facilities from 2007 to 2010, as well as 67 California State Parks staff and concessionaires responsible for the campsites’ management and maintenance. Survey findings and recommendations provide insight for recreation providers of similar facilities.
*A related Recreation Opportunity Bulletin primarily for California State Parks staff includes information and recommendations based partly on this report. Because cottages do not provide the typical alternative camping experience, data for cottages are excluded from the bulletin.


2009 CORP Chapters (entire Plan 1.3 mb .pdf)
Executive Summary
Trends and Challenges
Public Opinions and Attitudes
California’s Protected Areas Database
California’s Recreation Policy
Issues and Actions
Past Planning Grant Progress and Future Products

Appendix A: Outdoor Recreation Providers: Roles and Key Programs
Appendix B: California Outdoor Recreation Plan Public Outreach
Appendix C: California Outdoor Recreation Plan Advisory Committee
Appendix D: Open Project Selection Process

2009 CORP Research Elements/Stand-alone Publications

2009 Survey on Public Opinions and Attitudes on Outdoor Recreation in California
The Summary Findings (12 pages, 1.1 mb .pdf) provides an overview of the results from the adult and youth surveys. The summary also includes a section on Hispanic and regional differences and overall recommendations.
The Complete Findings (300 pages, 3.9 mb .pdf) provide detailed findings, analysis and trend data for each of the four demographics: adult, youth, Hispanic and regional. This expanded report also includes respondent socio-demographics and the original survey instruments.

California Recreation Policy
The State Park and Recreation Commission is charged with developing a Recreation Policy for the State of California in cooperation with other state agencies, interested organizations and citizens. See the 2005 Recreation Policy (1 mb .pdf), adopted at the September 23, 2005 Commisssion meeting.

Past CORP documents and publications

For more information, please contact the Planning Division at (916) 653-9901