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CIHC Purpose and Vision Statements

The California Indian Heritage Center Task Force, official advisors to the project, have adopted the following to direct development of the future CIHC:

 (adopted October, 2003)

The California Indian Heritage Center honors the diversity and history of California Indian people by preserving cultural and tribal traditions, nurturing contemporary expressions, and facilitating research and education, for California, the nation, and the world.

 (adopted January, 2004)

Under the guidance of California Indian People, the California Indian Heritage Center will:

  Present a statewide perspective on California's diverse Indian cultural legacy.

  Honor the contributions of California Indians and promote dialogue between generations.

  Enhance public understanding of traditional and spiritual beliefs and practices.

  Protect California Indian cultural resources.

  Collect and present traditional and contemporary California Indian artistic and cultural expressions.

  Partner with tribal communities and regional cultural centers and museums.

  Provide educational opportunities to research and understand California's Indian history, cultures and the impact of contemporary issues.

  Be recognized as a treasured California destination that enriches public life.