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Wildwood Canyon Park Property

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Park is open for day use from 0730 AM to Sunset

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Directions for this park are currently unavailable. Please call the park.

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Above the hills of Yucaipa, Wildwood Canyon
offers panoramic views of the surrounding hills and valleys. This park property in the eastern foothills of the San Bernardino Mountains features broad grasslands and canopies of centuries-old interior live oak. The property’s box canyon is home to hundreds of species of wildlife and native plants, some of them rare and endangered.



Currently Wildwood Canyon is open only for day use from sunrise to sunset. The primary activities are horseback riding, hiking and biking. A horse staging area is located near the entrance. The Hunt Ranch corrals are also available for equestrian use, but there is no vehicle access to these corrals. Picnic tables and portable restrooms near the entrance are the only visitor facilities. Special events and activities are held occasionally.


Wildwood Canyon hosts diverse wildlife. Birds commonly seen include the California quail, western meadowlark, towhee, red-tailed hawk, Bewick’s wren, Bullock’s oriole and white-tailed kite.Other bird species found in Wildwood Canyon include the Cooper’s hawk, sharpshinned hawk and rufous-crowned sparrow.

Visitors may also see the deer mouse, cactus deer mouse, California vole and dusky-footed wood rat. Mule deer and desert cottontail share Wildwood Canyon with bobcats, black bears, gray foxes and skunks. Cougars use the canyon as a travel corridor. Reptiles found in the park include several types of lizards, the coastal western whiptail, western skink and California whipsnake. The red-diamond rattlesnake is a reptile species of special concern.

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