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Alternative General Plan Concepts

Alternative Concepts for Folsom Lake SRA General Plan

The displays in the links below depict two preliminary alternative concepts for the Folsom Lake State Recreation Area (SRA) General Plan. These displays were prepared for the June 10, 2003 public meeting that was held to review and receive comment on these draft alternatives.

What do the Alternatives Represent?

The two alternatives presented in the displays are not finalized alternatives, such as you might find in an environmental document. The alternative concepts are preliminary draft ideas. We want public input to clarify the various options, tradeoffs and implications of alternate management approaches. We will modify these alternatives and may develop other alternatives as we refine these ideas.

How Were They Developed?

In developing these alternatives the first step was to divide the SRA into smaller planning units, or management zones. Several general descriptions of land use designations (Recreation - High, Recreation - Med., Conservation and Preservation) that are appropriate within a SRA were developed and allocated to these management zones. The allocation of the land use designations varies between the two alternatives presented. The basic concept of the two alternatives presented below is that Alternative 1 focuses on enhancing and improving existing facilities at Folsom Lake SRA with minor additions, while Alternative 2 proposes not only improving existing facilities but adding major new facilities. These two basic concepts are appled to upland and aquatic recreation facilities and trails in the displays below.

Why Were They Developed?

The alternatives were also developed to address key issues derived from Resource Inventory, public comment and feedback at public meetings and stakeholder sessions, written comments we received and input from our own staff and other agencies. The key issues are those issues which have some public controversy or substantial impacts. In the display that looks at management issues we propose several management options or ask questions about how these issues should be resolved. Other issues, the issues common to all action alternatives, are no less important, but either have less controversy or less impact. For these issues we will be developing management direction for the General Plan, just not analyzing many different management alternatives.

We Need Your Input
Some of the displays ask a series of questions about a particular issue or resource. You can print these pages of the displays, answer the questions or comment right on the pages and send your input to the address below. A comment form is also provided in the links below which you can fill out and return to the same address.

Folsom Lake SRA General Plan Update
c/o Wallace, Roberts and Todd, LLC
1328 Mission Street, 4th Floor
San Francisco, CA 94103

Based on the input we get regarding the alternatives and our continued work refining the alternative ideas we will be developing a draft plan for the SRA that will become the proposed plan analyzed in an Environmenatal Impact Report (EIR) and Environmental Impact Statement (EIS). This will likely not look exactly like either Alternative 1 or 2 in the displays below, but some combination of ideas. In addition to the proposed plan in the EIR/EIS we will also have some more fully developed alternatives that encompass the full range of ideas the public has expressed about the key issues.

 Proposed Management Zones

 Preliminary Land Use Designations

 Land Use Alternatives

Folsom Lake Alternative 1 Folsom Lake Alternative 2
Lake Natoma Alternative 1 Lake Natoma Alternative 2

 Upland Alternatives
Upland Alternative 1 Upland Alternative 2
Upland Questions

 Aquatic Alternatives
Aquatic Alternative 1 Aquatic Alternative 2
Aquatic Questions

 Trails Alternatives
Folsom Lake Alternative 1 Folsom Lake Alternative 2
Lake Natoma Alternative 1 Lake Natoma Alternative 2
Trails Questions

 Alternatives for Key Management Issues

 Management Direction Common to All Alternatives

 Web Comment Form