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Historic Pomona Shipwreck: March 17, 1908

The Pomona docked in Eureka, California in 1905. She sank on March 17, 1908, in Fort Ross Cove. The Pomona was a passenger and freight carrying steamer 225 feet long and 33.5 wide.

Schooners at Fort Ross Cove.

The Greenwood begins salvage work on the Pomona in Fort Ross Cove. The ship was lost March 17, 1908.

Offloading of materials from the Pomona began immediately after the wreck. Although difficult to see, this photograph shows the retrieval of an automobile the Pomona had been carrying on deck.

Lumber Chutes were used to transport lumber to schooners for shipment along the coast. This particular chute was photographed in Fort Ross in 1880.

The SS Pomona prior to shipwreck.