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Law Enforcement

Basic Peace Officer Training
The purpose of this program is to develop skills required for protection of people, resources, and facilities in the State Park System.  This program is certified by the Commission on Peace Officer Standards and Training and meets the "Basic Course" training requirements for peace officers.

The core content is provided in the areas of professional orientation, community relations, law, evidence, communications, vehicle operations, force and weaponry, defensive tactics and arrest control procedures, traffic, patrol procedures, criminal investigations, custody, and physical fitness.  Special attention is given to the unique attitudes and responsibilities required of State Park peace officers.  Instructors are drawn from within the Department and other agencies utilizing subject matter experts.

POST-Reimbursable, Plan II.

Department Participants: Job-required training for State Park Cadet Rangers and State Park Cadet Lifeguards.
Non-Department Participants: Personnel seeking or required having necessary training to qualify for peace officer status.
Program Length: 800 hours