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Russian River District Dog Guidelines

Department of Parks and Recreation
Russian River District
Order Number 640-082
July 6, 2002

The following are designated areas where dogs are permitted on beaches adjacent to bodies of water in State Park Systems or portions of units:

  1. Marshall Gulch
  2. Carmet Beach
  3. Schoolhouse Beach
  4. Portuguese Beach
  5. Duncan’s Cove
  6. Wright’s Beach
  7. Furlong Gulch
  8. Shell Beach
  9. Blind Beach
  10. Russian Gulch
  1. All other provisions of Title 14, Section 4312, California Code of Regulations apply to the above designated areas.
  2. Exceptions to this order may only be granted in writing by the District Superintendent, Russian River District, 25381 Steelhead Boulevard, Duncans Mills, CA 95430.
  3. Nothing herein shall affect any existing private, contract, or property rights.
  4. Nothing herein shall be construed in derogation of other provisions of law.

Robert R. La Bella, District Superintendent, Russian River District

Authority: State of California Public Resources Code Section 5003
California Code of Regulations, Title 14, Section 4312(f)1