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Partnership Skill Building

This program provides California State Parks employees with the skills and information necessary for successful liaison with cooperating associations operating for the benefit of State Parks.  This program includes courses in legal authority, business management, problem solving, and the relationship between California State Parks and nonprofit benefit corporations.  Depending on Department need, portions of this training may be conducted on a regional basis.

Department Participants: Job-related training for personnel assigned to cooperative association liaison functions and personnel with frequent interaction with cooperative association operations (District Superintendents, Superintendents I-III, State Park Interpreters I-III, District Interpretive Specialists, State Park Rangers, Supervising State Park Rangers, Lifeguard-Lifeguard Supervisors III, Park Maintenance Workers I-II, Park Maintenance Supervisors, Park Maintenance Chiefs I-III).
Non-Department Participants: Agency cooperative association liaisons.
Program Length: 8-24 hours