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Bear Market Bulletins

What are Bear Market Bulletins?

Bear Market Bulletins are designed to be quick-read alerts to cooperating associations and cooperating association liaisons (CALs) of new, interesting or unique sales items.  The Bulletins are normally sent out when a high quality, environmentally responsible, commercial sales item comes to the attention of a professional interpreter and that interpreter notifies the Interpretation and Education Division.  The Bulletins are not advertizing and California State Parks receives no revenues from this service.

Bear Market Bulletins (in alphabetical order):      

All the Way to the Ocean  - children's book

Banana Slug String Band - environmental songs

Bear in Mind - book

CA Biodiversity Atlas - book

California Legacy Videos - videos

California Road and Recreation Atlas - book

California Songs (with historical narration) - tapes & CDs

California State Park Rangers - book

California Tales - book

Campgroundhost Adventures - book

Fundanas - product

Habitats Alive! - book

How they said it! - book

Interpretive Centers - book

Last Child in the Woods - book

Magpies and Mayflies - book

Natural History Posters - posters

Nature Journal - book

Nonprofit Quarterly - Regulatory Landscape -  periodical

Oak Community Poster - poster

100 Classic Hikes - books

Paddling Northern California - book

Precious Cargo - book

Racoon Next Door - book

Rush to Riches - book

Sierra Birds, a hiker's guide - book

Snowshoe Trails of California - book

Stacking Blocks and Games - games

Traveling California - videos 

UC Press - natural history books

Voyage to California 1826 - book

Wild Seed and Wilderness Skills - games

Whats Outside Your Door? - book