Roberti-Z'Berg-Harris (RZH) Grant Program - Prop 40

Match Eliminated for Block Grant Program.  The matching requirement for the 2002 Resources Bond Act RZH Block Grant Program has been eliminated with the passage of AB 1747 (Chapter 240, Statutes of 2003).  The matching requirement for all Park Bond Act of 2000 RZH programs and the competitive 2002 Resources Bond Act RZH Urban and Non Urban Programs still applies. 

The RZH Grant Programs Procedural Guides are now available:
Copies of the procedural guides can be obtained by calling
(916) 653-7423 or by clicking on the following links.

RZH Nonurbanized Area Procedural Guide:

RZH Urbanized Area Procedural Guide: 

Revised RZH Block Grant Procedural Guide:

Eligible Applicants
There are three separate subprograms. Eligibility varies depending on the subprogram.

Program Overview
Funds for this grant program are to be allocated for projects pursuant to the Roberti-Z'berg-Harris Urban Open Space and Recreational Grant Program
(Public Resources Code Chapter 3.2 commencing with Section 5620) and are to be used for: 

           High priority projects that satisfy the most urgent park and
             recreation needs, with emphasis on unmet needs in the most
             heavily populated and most economically disadvantaged areas
             within each jurisdiction. 
           Projects for which funding supplements--rather than supplants
             ---local expenditures for park and recreation facilities and does not
             diminish a local jurisdiction's efforts to provide park and recreation

           Block grants allocated on the basis of population and location in 
             urbanized areas. 

           Need-basis grants to be awarded competitively to eligible entities
             in urbanized areas and in  nonurbanized areas.

Funds available: $200,000,000 minus administrative costs.

Eligible Projects:

           Acquisition of park and recreation lands and facilities 
           Development/rehabilitation of park and recreation lands and
           Special Major Maintenance of park and recreation lands and
           Innovative Recreation Programs
             Note: Special Major Maintenance and/or Innovative Recreation
             Programs may not exceed 30% of grant funds.

Match Calculator for Need Basis Grants

Subprogram Descriptions
RZH Block Grants
RZH Nonurbanized Grants
RZH Urbanized Grants

 Funded Projects 1976 - 1990:  (List of all projects)

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