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Rancho San Andres

Castro Adobe

State Historic Park

This park is currently an active construction site, and is open only during scheduled special events or appointment. Click the Park Events link above for dates.

Join us for a whole new year of Open Houses!

We offer one weekend day a month to come explore our park property, which otherwise has not yet officially opened to the public. We alternate Saturdays and Sundays to try to reach the widest possible cross-section of our local community. Hopefully you can join us too!

Check out the Park Events tab above to see our upcoming Open Houses for 2020!

Located in the Pájaro Valley, the two-story Rancho San Andrés Castro Adobe is a historic rancho hacienda that was built between 1848-49.

Funding for the restoration of the Castro Adobe is provided by Friends of Santa Cruz State Parks. Visit their website to support this project. 


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The Castro Adobe offers free 2.5 hour education programs to supplement teaching of 3rd grade (local history) and 4th grade (California history) content standards. (K-college can be accomodated for tours by request.)

Click here for more information.

Kids2Parks is an innovative park-equity program to bring students from Title 1 schools to State Park field trips. The program, a partnership between California State Parks and Friends of Santa Cruz State Parks, increases the number of students who have visited a state park or beach by reducing barriers to access. The program offers transportation funding for field trips to select Title 1 schools in Santa Cruz, San Mateo, and Santa Clara counties. For more information, and to apply please visit






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California State Parks Backpacking Adventures offers naturalist-led backpacking trips through the Santa Cruz Mountains each summer. Online registration opens February 1 at 9am.