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Because of its great variety of habitats and microclimates, Chino Hills State Park is an ideal location for observing many wildlife species native to southern California. Red-tailed hawks and turkey vultures soar above. Coyotes, deer, bobcats and other mammals are often seen in the woodlands, scrub and grasslands. Visitors with good ears and sharp eyes will enjoy the many songbird species seen and heard foraging and raising young in the trees and shrubs.

More than 200 species of birds and mammals, numerous reptiles and amphibians, and thousands of types of insects and other invertebrates live in the park. Some of these animals, including least bell’s vireo, the California gnatcatcher and the coastal cactus wren, are considered rare, threatened or endangered. The local diversity of native plants and animals found here in the Southern California basin is greater than in any other area of comparable size in the United States.