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Basic Interpretation for Guides and Interpreters
Coastal Marine Interpretation
Coastal Redwood Ecology
Cultural Resource Interpretation
Interpreting in Recreation Areas
Interpretive Program Coordination and Supervision
Natural Resource Interpretation
Skills for Interpreting to Children
Training for Interpretive Trainers
Understanding and Interpreting Deserts

These courses are designed to provide selected information on interpretive trends, program planning, presentation skills, media selection and use, and self-evaluation techniques. Participants will be exposed to diverse and varied interpretive styles and innovative techniques for conveying information to visitors. Discussions focus on how interpretation can serve visitors; at the same time, students are encouraged to share their resources and techniques in these areas.

Instructors for the program come from a variety of agencies, and use a combination of interactive teaching methods. Through group discussion, allowing an exchange of ideas on themes and techniques, the participants gain an increased understanding of their effectiveness as interpreters.

Department Participants: Job-related training for State Park Rangers and Supervising State Park Rangers, Guide I's, Lifeguards, and Interpreter I's.
Non-Department Participants: Entry-level and Intermediate-level interpreters.
Program Length: 16-36 hours