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Historic Structures

Preservation, restoration, and maintenance of historic structures requires special expertise on the part of Park Maintenance Supervisors. The program provides technical maintenance information to supervisors who have completed the Historic Preservation Program.

The introduction to the program includes background material on architectural character, building inspection, and reading historic buildings. The primary focus is on maintenance procedures and methods specific to historic wood, masonry, and adobe structures. Other subjects covered include historic building landscaping, housekeeping, and security.

Field trips to nearby historic buildings are an important part of illustrating and reinforcing classroom discussion. Participants have an opportunity to discuss the latest information in historic preservation with experts from a variety of fields and organizations.

Department Participants: Job-required for Park Maintenance Supervisors and Park Maintenance Chief Is and IIs assigned to historic districts who have completed the Historic Preservation Program (unless proficiency can be demonstrated).
Job-related training for Park Maintenance Worker II's.
Non-Department Participants: Park Maintenance Supervisors. Cost: $800 for California Resident, $900 for Out-of-State Resident. (Cost includes registration, meals and lodging.)
Program Length: 36 hours