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Management Course
This program provides a foundation of management theories, skills, and techniques, through a variety of instructional methods. Participants are assisted in evaluating individual managerial styles, and are encouraged to recognize strengths and weaknesses and develop individual development goals. Instructors are carefully chosen to provide a multi-disciplinary perspective to management training and include individuals of national reputation. This program is certified by the Commission on Peace Officer Standards and Training (POST), and meets the management training requirements for peace officers.

Department Participants: Job-required training for Superintendents I-V, Career Executive Appointees, Lifeguard Supervisors II-III, Park Maintenance Chiefs III, Administrative Officers III, and other employees designated as managers or supervisors and whose salary is equivalent in level to Staff Services Manager I and above.
Job-related training for Park Maintenance Chiefs II, Regional Administrative Officers II.
Non-Department Participants: Management personnel
Program Length: 104 hours

Supervisory Course
The key to effective supervision is a clear understanding of the responsibilities of the job, and the proper techniques for carrying out those responsibilities. This program starts with practical leadership and communications skills, styles of supervision, and an analysis of employer-employee relations, supervisory evaluation, discipline procedures, supervisory problems, and problem solving. Building on this knowledge base, participants are introduced to planning and scheduling, setting objectives, getting cooperation, delegation and control, counseling skills, personal time management, and job enrichment techniques. Participants leave the program with insights into ways to accomplish more meaningful work in less time, with higher morale. The program's approach is open, free-flowing, and flexible, a seminar-type format designed around pertinent topics. A variety of instructional methods is used, such as facilitation, discussion, small group processes, interviews, questionnaires, worksheets, individual and group exercises, and video. The Commission on Peace Officers Standards and Training certifies this program as meeting supervisory training requirements.

Department Participants: Job-required training for all designated supervisors within 1 year of appointment.
Non-Department Participants: Supervisory personnel
Program Length: 120 hours

Supervisory Refresher
This program is intended to provide periodic refresher training to supervisors. The fields of supervision and management are ever-changing, and this program contains content on trends and current state policies and practices. The training uses a seminar format in covering topics such as department goals and programs and fresh approaches to the topics of planning and organizing, delegation and control, and time management. The program provides succinct new information and problem-solving in the areas of personnel, labor relations, and human rights conducted by Department experts. In addition, the program focuses on current department management issues and concerns in covering the subjects of problem-solving, conflict resolution, stress management, and liability. This is a POST certified course, which may be used to meet continuing professional training requirements.

Department Participants: Job-required training for all supervisors every 6 years after Supervisory Training.
Non-Department Participants: Supervisory Personnel
Program Length: 28 hours