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Introductory Programs

Basic Visitor Services
This program has Peace Officer Standards and Training (POST) certification.

A career as a State Park Ranger or Lifeguard begins with attendance at the Basic Visitor Services Training Program, designed to provide the required skills, knowledge, and attitudes needed to meet or exceed job performance standards. This program prepares permanent visitor services employees to serve the public through professional administration, interpretation, and resources and public protection.

The basic concept of this program provides a planned system of classroom instruction and exercises designed to qualify employees to perform in their job classifications. Formal classroom training is divided into two parts supplemented by training exercises. The classroom exercises represent a significant portion of the total program, and all participants are evaluated on performance-measured basis throughout the program. 

Basic Visitor Services Training includes the Basic Peace Officer Training. ( See: Law Enforcement )  Instruction is also provided in Emergency Medical Responder training. The program emphasizes park operations, interpretation, resource management, facility maintenance and housekeeping, and equipment operation and maintenance..

Department Participants: Job-required training for State Park Cadets and other peace officer candidates.
Non-Department Participants: Entry-level park rangers/lifeguards
Program Length: Six Months

Introduction to California State Parks

This training program welcomes new employees to California State Parks.  Individual courses within the program define the mission, purpose, and goals of the Department of Parks and Recreation and provide information about the Department's organizational structure and work processes.  The program content and structure are designed to help each new employee develop a personal philosophy of park service and to see their individual job duties as contributing directly to fulfilling the Department's mission.

Department Participants: Job-required training for all permanent non-peace officer classifications within six months of first appointment with the Department of Parks and Recreation.
Non-Department Participants: None
Program Length: 28 hours