Winter Visits

To get the feeling of Bodie as a ghost town, many people believe the best time is a winter visit. Winter visits require snow transportation -- snow shoes, skis or snowmobiles (snowmobiles must stay on designated roads in the Bodie Hills).

Four-wheel drive vehicles with tire chains get stuck each year in powdery snow and require the assistance of a tow truck. Local towing services, when available, are costly.

If you come to Bodie in the winter, be prepared for anything. There are no overnight facilities in or near Bodie. Call ahead for current road and weather conditions prior to your visit.

Bodie is located at an elevation of 8,375 feet. Winter weather conditions can change rapidly. Day time temperatures can reach into the 60's and by sundown drop below zero. During years with normal snowfall you may find 3'-6' of snow on the flat, and drifts up to 20' high. Temperatures from 0 to 25 below zero are not uncommon on a calm night. Wind chill factors can drop temperatures to 50 to 60 degrees below zero.