Historic District Preservation and Public Use Plan



The Crystal Cove Historic District is a 12.3-acre coastal portion of the 2,791-acre Crystal Cove State Park.  The federally listed Historic District is an enclave of 46 vintage rustic coastal cottages originally built in the 1920’s and 1930’s that are nestled around the mouth of Los Trancos Creek.  It is one of the last remaining examples of early 20th century Southern California coastal development.

Completed Plan
The Department prepared and completed the Preservation and Public Use Plan (PPUP) for the Crystal Cove Historic District. This long-range plan recommends how we restore, preserve, and enjoy the cultural and natural resources of this unique area.  The PPUP provides for public access and use through four adaptive use programs for rehabilitated cottages: Park Interpretation and Education; Overnight Accommodations; Visitor Serving Concessions, and Park Operations.  The PPUP includes an Amendment to the Crystal Cove State Park General Plan, an approved Public Works Plan.

The PPUP is the result of an intensive two year planning effort by the Department, stakeholders, and the public.  Many of these participants continue to be involved with the Crystal Cove Historic District.

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State Parks and Recreation Commission Approval
On February 21, 2003, the State Parks and Recreation Commission approved the PPUP as an Amendment to the Crystal Cove State Park General Plan which provides guidance for all projects and management at the park.  This approval is essential for proceeding with any implementation of the PPUP. 

California Coastal Commission Approval
On June 11, 2003, the California Coastal Commission provided conditional approval of the PPUP as a Public Works Plan Amendment.  This approval is also essential for proceeding with any implementation of the PPUP.  Compliance with the approval conditions were completed in December 2003 and have been incorporated as refinements in the final PPUP.  Conditional approval was also provided to the Crystal Cove Historic District First Phase Implementation project.

First Phase Implementation Project
Initial Historic District rehabilitation  has been completed with the First Phase Implementation Project.  The scope of this project included rehabilitation of 22 cottages for adaptive public use, utilities infrastructure replacement, and site rehabilitation and development.  Construction was completed in early 2006 and  rehabilitated cottages were made available for public use  in summer 2006. 

Overnight Cottage/Dormitory Reservations
Lodging reservations can be made by contacting ReserveCalifonia at 1-800-444-PARK or online at www.parks.ca.gov  Go to Reservations and Fees and Camping Reservations and continue to Crystal Cove SP.  Please note that Reserve Califonia does not keep waiting lists

The Crystal Cove Alliance is the master concessionaire, responsible for overall operation of the overnight lodging and food service components at the park.  As master concessionaire, the Crystal Cove Alliance will work with the Department and seek future opportunities for rehabilitating remaining  portions of the Historic District. To learn more detailed information about the cottage rentals go to the www.crystalcovebeachcottages.org  website.   Learn more about the Crystal Cove Alliance by visiting www.crystalcovealliance.org.


The following are PDF and JPG format documents related to the November 2003 Preliminary CCHD Preservation and Public Use Plan.

CCHD PPUP (Final): November 2003.pdf (8,831KB, 222 pages)

Aerial View of Crystal Cove Historic District and Los Trancos
CCHD adaptive use matrix.pdf
CCHD parking summary.pdf
Chart 1-Guidelines for Park Operations Program.pdf
Chart 2-Guidelines for Interpretation Program.pdf
Chart 3-Guidelines for Accommodations and Concessions Program.pdf
General Plan Amendment Evaluation
Planning Areas-Map 1.jpg
Planning Areas-Map 2.jpg
Site Constraints-Map 3.jpg
Existing Circulation Infrastructure-Map 4.jpg
Adaptive Building Uses-Map 5.jpg
Adaptive Use-Map 6.jpg 
General Plan - Land Use and Facilities


Cover Page for Final EIR.pdf (211 KB)
CCHD PPUP Final EIR.pdf (2.06 MB)
Response to Comments 1-35.pdf (1.55 MB)
Response to Comments 36-62.pdf (1.19 MB)
Response to Comments 63-103.pdf (2.18 MB)
Response to Comments 104-137.pdf (1.87 MB)
Attachment to Dennis Kelley Letter (Comments 65-67) (19.6 MB)

Figure 1-1 Location Map.pdf
Figure 1.2 Crystal Cove State Park Map.pdf
Figure 2.1 Project Site Map.pdf
Figure 2.2 Project Features Sheet Key.pdf
Figure 2.2-S-0 Project Features Site Legends.pdf
Figure 2.2-S-1 Project Features Site Plan.pdf
Figure 2.2-S-2 Site Plan.pdf
Figure 2.2-S-3 Site Plan.pdf
Figure 2.2-S-4 Site Plan.pdf
Figure 2.2-S-5 Site Plan.pdf
Figure 2.2-S-6 Site Plan.pdf
Figure 2.2-S-7 Site Plan.pdf
Figure 2.2-S-8 Site Plan.pdf
Figure 2.2-S-9 Site Plan.pdf
Figure 2.2-S-10 Site Plan.pdf
Figure 2.2-S-11 Site Plan.pdf
Figure 2.2-S-12 Site Plan.pdf
Figure 2.3 Entry Area Facilities.pdf
Figure 2.4 Entrance Road.pdf
Figure 2.5 Stairway.pdf
Figure 2.6 Boardwalk.pdf
Figure 2.7 Global Slope Stability.pdf
Figure 2.8-1 Cottage Adaptations.pdf
Figure 2.8-2 Cottage Adaptations.pdf
Figure 2.8-3 Cottage Adaptations.pdf
Figure 2.8-4 Cottage Adaptations.pdf
Figure 2.9 BikeTrail.pdf
Figure 2.10 Soil Nail Wall.pdf
Figure 3.1-a Wave Exposure North Cottages.pdf
Figure 3.1-b Wave Exposure South Cottages.pdf
Figure 3.2 Cottage 13 Wave Exposure .pdf
Figure 3.3 Los Trancos Flood Exposure.pdf
FIG 3-4 Sensitive Terrestrial Species.pdf
FIG 3-5 Biological Resource Area Map.pdf
Figure 4.1 Signalized Intersection Analysis.pdf