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Habitat Conservation Fund

Applications for the final round of Habitat Conservation Fund Programs were due by October 1, 2018.

HCF - $2 million available annually
The Habitat Conservation Fund allocates approximately $2 million each year to cities, counties, and districts.  The program requires a 50% match.  Eligible projects include: nature interpretation programs to bring urban residents into park and wildlife areas, protection of various plant and animal species, and acquisition and development of wildlife corridors and trails.


HCF Application Guides
  HCF Category Chart
  Frequently Asked Questions


  Deer/Mountain Lion Habitat: PDF / DOC
    Application Form

  Rare, Endangered, Threatened or Fully Protected Species Habitat: PDF / DOC
    Application Form

  Wetlands: PDF / DOC  
    Application Form

  Anadromous Salmonids and Trout Habitat: PDF / DOC 
  Application Form

  Riparian Habitat: PDF / DOC 
    Application Form

 Trails: PDF / DOC  
    Application Form
 Wildlife Area Activities: PDF / DOC  
    Application Form

HCF Application Forms:

Authorizing Resolution Form

  Cost Estimate Match Form

  CEQA Compliance Certification Form

  Acquisition Schedule Form


Additional Application Resources
Website links to the California Conservation Corps (CCC), California Association of Local Conservation Corps, California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA), Endangered Species, Equipment Rental Rates, Topographic Maps, and Prevailing Wage 




The California Wildlife Protection Act of 1990


Program Contact
Any questions about the HCF Program on the application process may be directed to Barbara Baker at or (916) 651-7743.

Previous Procedural Guides:

Draft Procedural Guide (2007-2009)

Procedural Guide (2006 and earlier)

Awards for (2018), (2017/18), (2016/17), (2015/16), (2014/15)


 HCF Program Funded Projects (Fiscal Years 1990/1991 through 2013/2014)
(Excel DOC) (PDF DOC)