Boating / Boat Racing

Personal watercraft racing at Salton SeaThe photo above shows the start of a 300 mile personal watercraft race. Imagine racing a personal watercraft from Palm Springs to Fresno on a bumpy road -- as fast as possible.

Boat races have been common at the Salton Sea State Recreation Area since 1928. The lake is known as the fastest in the nation because its salt content (slightly greater than the Pacific Ocean) causes vessels to be more buoyant. And at 228 feet below sea level, its high atmospheric density (because of the low elevation) causes engines to perform much more powerfully than on other lakes. Boat race sponsors at lakes throughout the nation have tried to remove the Sea from circuit racing because they claim it has an unfair speed advantage. Most of the aquatic speed records have been broken here. Once outside the dock and harbor areas there is no maximum speed limit on the lake, and no required direction of travel. With its great surface size, an almost unlimited number of boats can use the Sea without it becoming congested. The Sea is so large that the distant shores are not visible because of the earth's curvature.