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Permanent Lifeguard Minimum Requirements

Lifeguard Candidates must meet all the following requirements:
Lifeguard Gear
Dive TeamLifeguard with rescue bouy.

Two Years of College*

 Valid California Driver's License of the Appropriate Class

 Physically Sound

Eighteen Years of Age**

 Six mos. Lifeguard Experience at Facilities Other than Swimming Pools***

 Complete the State Park Lifeguard Training Program Prior to Appointment as Lifeguard

 Pass a Comprehensive Background Investigation

 U.S. Citizen or Permanent Resident Alien

20/20 Corrected Vision AND 20/40 Uncorrected Vision**** 

No Felony Convictions

* By time of appointment, Candidate must have completed, 60 Semester Units of study at a state accredited college or university, including a minimum of 21 semester units of course work satisfying General Education Curriculum standards. Specialization in park administration, natural sciences, social sciences, law enforcement, or related fields is desirable.

** Note: State Peace Officer mandatory retirement age is 65 years of age. Reference: GC ยง21132

*** Lifeguards from other outside agencies must complete the department's lifeguard training course.

****Candidates who have LASIK vision correction surgery must have completed a 6 - 12 month stabilization period before the medical screening process before being eligible for this position.

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