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State Park Careers

California State Parks offer careers in many disciplines such as park operations, maintenance, resource management, interpretation, as well as, park planning and design. We are proud of our commitment to develop the fullest potential in our employees and provide leadership development to prepare employees for the challenges of the future.

Check our "Jobs" page for open exams for the following classifications (job titles).
(Click on each classification title (below) to find salary and job description information.)

 Administrative Classifications

Account Clerk II
Accountant Trainee
Accounting Administrator
Accounting Officer
Accounting Technician
Administrative Assistant
Administrative Analyst - Accounting Systems
Administrative Officer
Assistant Information Systems Analyst
Associate Accounting Analyst
Associate Budget Analyst
Associate Governmental Program Analyst
Associate Information Systems Analyst
Associate Management Analyst
Associate Management Auditor
Associate Personnel Analyst
Associate Programmer Analyst
Business Service Assistant
Business Service Officer
Career Executive Assignment
Chief Deputy Director

Data Processing Manager II
Deputy Director Communications
Deputy Director For Community Affairs
Deputy Director, Off-Highway Motor Vehicle Recreation
Deputy Director, Office of Marketing and Revenue Generation
Deputy State Historic Preservation Officer
Digital Print Operator II
Executive Assistant
Executive Secretary
Graduate Student Assistant
Information Officer I (Specialist)
Information Systems Technician Specialist
Labor Relations Analyst
Labor Relations Manager
Labor Relations Specialist
Landscape Architect
Management Service Technician
Office Assistant
Office Services Supervisor
Office Technician
Personnel Specialist
Personnel Supervisor

Records Management Analyst
Regional Administrative Technician

Research Analyst (Economics)
Research Analyst (GIS)
Research Manager
Research Program Specialist
Research Writer
Senior Information Systems Analyst
Senior Personnel Specialist
Special Assistant To The Director
Staff Counsel
Staff Information Systems Analyst
Staff Management Auditor
Staff Services Analyst
Staff Services Management Auditor
Staff Services Manager
Stanford Mansion Director
State Historic Preservation Officer
Telecommunications Systems Analyst
Training Officer

 Educational and Interpretive Classifications

Editor of Publications
Exhibit Designer/Coordinator
Exhibit Specialist
Exhibit Technician
Graphic Designer
Guide Historical Monument
Guide Trainee Historical Monument
Park Interpretive Specialist -Seasonal-
Regional Interpretive Specialst
Research Writer
State Historian
State Park Interpreter

 Facilities Classifications

Architectural Designer
Associate Architect
Associate Civil Engineer
Associate Estimator Of Building Construction
Automobile Mechanic
Boat Operator
Carpenter I 
Carpenter Supervisor
Civil Engineering Associate
Civil Engineering Technician II
Construction Supervisor 
Departmental Construction and Maintenance Supervisor
Electrician I
Equipment Management Supervisor
Heavy Equipment Mechanic
Laboratory Technician-Chemical Analysis
Landscape Architect
Lead Groundskeeper
Maintenance Aide
Maintenance Mechanic
Materials And Stores Specialist
Mechanic's Helper
Museum Custodian
Museum Technician

Painter I
Park Landscape Maintenance Technician
Park Maintenance Assistant 
Park Maintenance Chief 
Park Maintenance Supervisor
Park Maintenance Worker
Rail Transportation Assistant
Railroad Restoration Specialist
Restoration and Maintenance Lead Worker, Historic Railroads
Restoration Supervisor I
Restoration Work Specialist

Senior Architect
Senior Civil Engineer
Senior Delineator
Senior Industrial Hygienist
Senior Land Agent
Senior Land Surveyor
Senior Landscape Architect
Senior Maintenance Aide
Senior Restoration Architect
Skilled Laborer
Skilled Trades Journeyman
State Park Equipment Operator
State Park Land Officer
Stationary Engineer
Supervising Architect
Supervising Groundskeeper
Supervising Land Agent
Supervising Landscape Architect
Transportation Surveyor Party Chief
Transportation Surveyor
Warehouse Worker
Water and Sewage Plant Supervisor 

 Resource Protection Classifications

Assistant State Archeologist
Associate State Archeologist
Engineering Geologist
Environmental Scientist
Forester I
Forester II
Museum Curator I
Museum Curator II
Museum Curator III
Senior Environmental Scientist
Senior Geologist
Senior State Archeologist
State Historian

 Recreation Classifications

Park and Recreation Specialist
Lifeguard (Permanent Intermittent)
Pool Lifeguard

 Public Safety Classifications


Pay Differentials for SPPO, Superintendent and Fire/Security Officers

State Park Ranger Series
State Park Peace Officer Cadet (Ranger)
State Park Peace Officer Ranger
State Park Peace Officer Supervisor (Ranger)

Lifeguard Series
State Park Peace Officer Cadet (Lifeguard)
State Park Peace Officer Lifeguard
State Park Peace Officer Supervisor (Lifeguard)

State Park Superintendent Series
State Park Superintendent

Firefighter/Security Guard Series
Firefighter/Security Officer
Captain Firefighter/Security Officer
Chief, Firefighter/Security Officer

Communications Operator Series
Communications Operator
Communications Supervisor