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Parks Title

Topic Areas

 Acquisition — Reports, Correspondence, Maps, Drawings, Exhibits

 Agreements — by Park Unit - Easements, Permits, Operating Agreements

 Archeological Studies — Non-confidential
 Board, Committee and Task Force Records

 Commissions — Correspondence, Reports, Minutes, etc from OHV, SP and OHP 

 Correspondence, Reports etc.

 Declaration of Purpose — by Park Unit

 Environmental Reports

 Facility Management — by Park Unit

 General Planning — Development Reports, Correspondence, Maps, Drawings, Exhibits, etc.

 Goals and Objectives

 Organization Charts

 Ownership - Real Property Acquisition and Disposal — by Park Unit - Correspondence, Deeds, Reports, etc.

 Park Unit Background Files

 Policy Files

 Project Development Planning — Park Unit Reports, Correspondence, Maps, Drawings, Exhibits

 Publications and Press Releases


 Special Environmental Studies — Beach Erosion, Oil Spills, etc.

 State and National Historic Programs — National Landmarks; National Register

 State Park System Interpretation and History — Correspondence, Reports, Newsletters, etc.

 Statistical Reports

 Stewardship Reports

 Training — Correspondence, Reports, Program Information, etc