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 New! The History of California State Parks

  State Parks with Brochures
  Camping Reservation Guide
  California State Parks & The Great Central Valley Strategy
  Your Career in California State Parks
  State Park Ranger and Lifeguard Employment Opportunities
  Volunteers Make a Difference!

  Climate Change and California State Parks
  Aquatic Safety
  California Black Bear
  Silent Threats: Non-Native Species Invading Our Wildlands
  Western Snowy Plover: Sharing the Beach
  Urban Effects on our Wildlands

  Natural Resource Management in California State Parks
  Cultural Resource Management in California State Parks
  Capitol PORTS: Connecting Legislators to Classrooms
  The Commemorative Seals of the State Capitol
  Civilian Conservation Corps 75th Anniversary
  California Indian Cultural Heritage in California State Parks

Brochure Inserts and Informational Flyers

  Campfires in Parks
  Surf Safety
  Dogs in Parks
  Mountain Lions in Parks
  Housecats in our Parks
  Please Don't Feed Park Wildlife
  Fire with a Purpose
  Why Stay on Trails?

  Exploring Tide Pools
  Protecting the Snowy Plover
  Important Bird Areas
  Sudden Oak Death

  European Beach Grass
  Broom: An Invasive Plant
  Grassland Invaders
  Tree of Heaven?

  Adobe Buildings
  Coyote's Place in Native American Stories
  Protecting Our Past
  Seashore Supermarket

  West Nile Virus
  Lyme Disease

  Dedicated Redwood Groves

            How Can I Help?

Department Awards Flyers

  Dewitt Award (pdf)
  Drury Award (pdf)
  Hill Award (pdf)
  Ingenuity Award (pdf)
  Mott Award (pdf)
  Olmsted Award (pdf)
  Year-Round Flyer (pdf)


  2013-2014 California State Parks Strategic Action Plan
  General Plans
  Grants and Local Services Document Library

  Natural Resources Division

     Natural Parks Report (89 pages, 452k, pdf)

     Representative Keystone Watersheds–including Table 3 (69 pages, 1.5MB, pdf)
          -  Appendix Part 1 – Maps A-1 through A-15 (15 pages, 14.3MB, pdf)
          -  Appendix Part 2 – Maps A16 through A-33 (18 pages, 17.2MB, pdf)

  North Coast Redwoods District
     Best Management Practices

  • Culvert Replacement (pdf)
  • Full Road Recontour (pdf)
  • Partial Road Recontour (pdf)
  • Road to Trail (pdf)
  • Steam Crossing Removal (pdf)

    Field Techniques for Forest and Range Road Removal 
  • Part 1 (pdf)
  • Part 2 (pdf)
  • Appendix (pdf)
  •   Planning Division - Park and RecreationTechnical Services (PARTS)
            Document Library
      Planning Handbook
      Planning Milestones
      Purpose Statements
      State Park System Statistical Report
      Strategic Vision of California State Parks - The Seventh Generation (2001)

      Empire Mine State Historic Park - 2006 Work Plans

    General Plans

      General Plans
      General Plans - In Progress


      California State Parks Information Guide


      California State Parks Map

       News & Views

     2012 In Review
     Summer 2011 News & Views
     Spring 2011 News & Views
     Winter 2010 News & Views
     Fall 2010 News & Views
     Summer 2010 News & Views
     Spring 2010 News & Views
     Winter 2009 News & Views
     Summer 2009 News & Views
     Spring 2009 News & Views
     February 2009 News & Views
     Winter 2008 News & Views
     Fall 2008 News & Views
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     Spring 2008 News & Views
     Winter 2007 News & Views
     Fall 2007 News & Views
     Summer 2007 News & Views
     Spring 2007 News & Views

    News Releases

      News Releases


      Information Technology (IT) - Statewide Policy, Instructions & Guidelines
      Donor & Sponsorship Recognition Guidelines
      Strategic Initiatives

    Public Notices

      California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA) Notices
      California Indian Cultural Center and Museum
      Cornfield, Park Property

    Public Records

     Public Records Access Guidelines

    Public Resources Code

      Department of Parks and Recreation Section 500-514
      All California Code

    Rules and Regulations

      California Code of Regulations