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Elephant Seal Camera

We are in the process of bringing the Sealcam on line, however there may be times when the Sealcam is off line as we finalize the configuration of its setup.

Año Nuevo State Park is making changes to the High Definition (HD) Elephant Seal camera (or Sealcam).

Picture of the Sealcam on the island
For the first time in the history of the Park, live High Definition video of the Elephant Seals located on Año Nuevo Island will be displayed real-time on a large plasma screen in the Visitor Center. The new High Definition Sealcam is located a mile and a half off shore on Año Nuevo Island in the middle of a very isolated colony of the Northern Elephant Seals. It is necessary to have a camera, because the island is a marine reserve, a restricted-access location, that is set aside for protection of the seals and a camera is the only way for the public to view this unique natural setting.

Powered by green energy (a 720-watt photovoltaic solar system), the HD Sealcam, with its thirty magnification zoom lens, will provide visitors with a spectacular new way to observe the Elephant Seals as well as the other extraordinary marine life that frequents the island. This new video portal onto the island produces a clarity of image that is only possible using a High Definition video format.

PLEASE NOTE: Due to the remoteness of the camera and actual location of Año Nuevo Island, the Sealcam ocassionally goes offline or the picture becomes less clear.

If you have any questions or comments about the Sealcam please contact the webmaster.